Direct purchases from Nordic Approach

For orders above 10 bags (can be a mix of different coffees) you can buy coffees directly from us. We will send you samples from our lab in Norway.

Pulley & Nordic collaboration

For orders under 10 bags, we have a collaboration with Pulley Collective in Brooklyn, NY. They will carry stock of selected coffees in limited volumes. As a roaster, you can always buy some of our coffees from them. They can also host cuppings or provide you with samples as well as help you out with delivery.

For availability, samples and selections, contact Pulley Collective:

Payment Policies

We require payment up front of coffee shipment/release. We are a small company, without a lot of financing, and so we are using almost our financing to buy fresh coffees. We can hold in-stock coffees for up to 30 days free of charge. Any reservations that go beyond 30 days are subject to a 1.5% financing charge to cover our costs, and reservations may be canceled if not followed up.

We aim to be as simple, professional, and transparent in the way we do business as possible. If you have questions about our payment policies, ask Erica!

Sample Policies

We are happy to send samples to any roasters who are interested, free of charge. All samples are sent from our lab in Oslo, Norway via Fedex and usually arrive to you within 2-3 working days (USA).

Our standard sample size is 100g green — this should be sufficient for one roast if you have a standard 100g sample roaster. We are also happy to send 30g roasted samples, lovingly** roasted here in Oslo on our Probat 2-barrel gas sample roaster, which is enough for 2-3 cupping cups’ worth.

We will send landed samples of greens (i.e. samples from the bags as they are in the US warehouse) if the coffee has already arrived. If we send preship samples it will be marked on the bag label, usually along with an ETA for arrival in the US warehouse.

Please note that in many cases, especially with preship samples, our supplies are limited. Often we will only have 500g or less of preship samples of new coffees. We will do our best to accommodate requests for more samples when possible.

If you are a small roaster, we will still send you samples! If you will take at least our minimum order (10 bags), you are not too small for us.

For purchases less than 10 bags, contact Pulley Collective:

Please note: We can only accept coffee orders and sample requests from roasters and not private individuals.  We appreciate your enthusiasm for exceptional coffees but our supplies are limited.

Refund Policies

We stand behind all of our coffees — each one is cupped and approved in our lab upon arrival. If any coffees arrive in worse condition than the original sample, we will immediately contact anyone who has made a reservation and try to find an alternative or release the reservation.

Any coffees that arrive below our standard are immediately discounted and put on our Special Offer list. These are initially great coffees, with great prices paid to farmers, and in most cases still, have a lot of the positive attributes that made us buy them in the first place. We think that they can still have a place in blends and other uses, and we believe that it is better to immediately discount them than wait around for them to get old.


Terms & Conditions (in plain English):

Our coffee is stored at Continental NJ. We can arrange shipment to your door or simply prepare the coffee for collection and transport arranged by you.

Our minimum purchase is 10 bags (1323 LB) Shipment is usually done by the pallet.

Payment must be received in advance of shipment or release.


Terms and conditions (in technical legal-ese):

Delivery terms: FOT (free on truck) Continental Terminal

Payment terms: Net cash against invoice upon delivery.

Pick up/release: Immediately after receipt of payment.

Payment for the coffee on the order confirmation should be made within 30 days. In the case of delayed payment, 1,5% interest rate per month will be charged.

Conditions: As per conditions of the ECSC (European Contract for Spot Coffee):