Sales and purchases
We are already starting to get orders and pre sell coffees. Thanks to everybody who’s supporting us and believe in what we do! We will start selling volumes down to one bag as soon as we have the webshop in place. As for now we normally do orders at minimum one pallet. We don’t have a good system in place yet, but we’ll try to keep track manually. Normally a purchase or order will be followed up by an order confirmation that works as a contract. If you’re a new client you would have to fill inn your information such as billing and delivery address as well as confirm the quantities and coffees. We will then send out the invoice and as soon as the coffee is paid it can potentially be sent or collected by your transporter. If the coffees haven’t arrived Oslo yet and you want to make a reservation we will estimate a time for delivery and invoice will be sent when the coffee arrives in Oslo and distributed asap!

Payment terms and shipping

At this point we have a hard time financially and are normally not able to do financing and warehousing for clients. Still it’s something we can discuss as we get in to business, but as our own terms and financing situation are not that great it’s something we want to avoid if we can.

We do also need up front payment for the same reasons. In the end we hope this benefits our clients, as we need it to buy new and exciting coffees and would also have to calculate some risk and losses in to the pricing as well otherwise.

Warehousing is done at a third party warehouse in Oslo with a distributor called Nordcarrier.

Our coffee prices are always ex works, but shipment and custom clearance can be organized by us through Nordcarrier on the buyers cost. Nordcarrier should be competitive on pricing to most places in Europe, but depending on where the coffee goes it could be worthwhile to check if you have local distributors with trucks going back and forth to Norway. Freight rates from Norway are not normally more expensive than from other destinations in Europe.

Coffee samples

We have a lot of sample requests from roasters around in Europe. We really appreciate the interest, and are sorry for not being able to distribute to much at this point. So far we haven’t received enough volume of greens from the coffees that’s on its way. It will for sure be a lot easier after the coffees has arrived in our warehouse. We have received some amounts, like from Kenya, but not even close to what we need to please everybody. We are working on a web solution where samples of all coffees in stock can be purchased. Unfortunately sending out samples is pretty expensive, and especially if you don’t know if it will create any sales. Still we will send out promotional stuff from time to time, and if I know you guys have serious interest in specific products it can be distributed. We will also try to offer roasted samples for those who prefer that.

In general we want to spend the next year getting to know all of our potential clients better, and understand their market and their needs. This will be done by touring Europe, host cuppings in Norway, and be present at coffee events. First up will be SCAE in Vienna.

Now to begin with I feel more comfortable if I understand your profiles and are able to present every coffee my self, as well as I want to get calibrated with our clients not to waste time or money for any of us by sending out samples that are not of interest. One thing I have learned in the past is that even if we can agree up on what are truly great coffees the markets are different and so are the needs, price range and preferences.

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