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We have some great new microlots from the Caballeros in Honduras that have just arrived. All of their small farms are separated, all varietals are catalogued, and we were lucky enough to have Marysabel and Moises visit us in Oslo some weeks ago. Read more here: The Caballeros
The latest coffees from Central Kenya have also arrived, with three from Nyeri (Gitchathaini AA, Tegu AA, Tegu PB) and one from Kirinyaga (Mugaya AA). All of them landed amazingly good and there there will be more info on these coffees on our web soon.

El Salvador
Last but not least: La Divina Providencia is back in stock, we have another lot of the later pickings from this year’s harvest. This was a big hit at SCAE in Vienna and might go fast!

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We are currently doing a campaign on two great coffees from the Ethiopian Coopreatives Kecho Tirtira and Chiri, and one from El Salvador, San Francisco. We are doing this promotion to get more new coffees introduced to the market.

The mentioned Ethiopians are washed coffees from Cooperatives in the west. They are great coffees with a lot of character, different from the Yirgacheffe and Sidamos, still with a very distinct Ethiopian character. Floral, sweet, balanced, intense in fruit, juicy and delicate. They work well both as espressos and for filter. We recently worked on some espresso roasting for the Chiri with great results.

The San Fransisco is an aqua-pulped coffee from El Salvador, sweet with classic mature red fruit, soft, tangy and transparent.
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