All our El Salvadors for 2013 is now in stock. As many of you know El Salvador, as the other Central American countries had a tough year because of the leaf rust that reduced the crop and quality significantly. Still, our partners and producers performed great, as expected, as they are systematic in their agricultural practices and have pretty good altitude as well.

Cupping the Las Cruces coffees in January before purchase.

The Salaverria Coffees


We got 9 different farms in from the Las Cruces mill, produced by the Salaverria family. Some were pre ordered and are sold out before arrival, but we have 5 great coffees left of various sizes from 8 – 70 bags. These coffees are solid classics, sweet, rich, creamy, balanced with mature red fruit character and are loved by many for their qualities as espresso. Widely used both as Single origins and in blends. The coffees have all gone through a prep where they are demucilaged and soaked before carefully sun dried and constantly turned at the classic patios. We are truly surprised by this producer in regards to how long last years coffees stays fresh. Check out flavor descriptions further up on this blog.

Check this coffees for more info, El Pedregal, Santa Julia, La Independencia and El Recuerdo

La Divina have three main varietals. The old Bourbon Elite, Orange Bourbon and the African varietal they refer to as Kenya. We think this together with the unique climate contributes to the high flvor intensity and a more complex cup.

La Divina Providencia


Again we got some truly unique and complex coffees from the La Divina Providencia farm. We have three outturns this year. They are separated by periods of picking as well as the processing. These coffees are from an area that are known for producing coffees with a more complex and acidity driven flavor profile than most other El Salvadorian coffees. It’s a mix of the climate, soil and varietals they have up there. You can find the info and flavor profiles here


Los Pirineos


Gilberto Baraona has been doing great on building drying tables under shade to increase drying time and develop a more stable product and even better flavors. We truly believe this is the way to go, and are sure there will be many to follow Gilberto’s excample. There was only small volumes produced this way for the currant crop, and most of these coffees were pre sold, but we will increase the volumes again for next years harvest.  Still, we do have a few bags as a leftover for those who wants a bag or two of Pirineos.

Gilberto about to build he's construction for shade over he's homemade drying tables earlier this year.

Last but not least we have some off – list coffees from some of the experiment we are doing with all the three producers. Its both shade dried naturals, shade dried washed, soaked VS washed and washed coffees sundried on african beds.

We will present all the trials in Nice as well. Have a table in “The Village Area”