It’s been a while since we posted some news here – I think it’s about time to do a wrap up so far this year. It’s been a great year up to now and really busy. We have been doing our very best to keep up with the coffees coming in, sample distribution to all of our clients as well as juggling the orders, packing and separation at the warehouse etc. Hopefully we have managed to give the service and efficiency we strive to accomplish, and if there are people or clients out there that for some reason feels ignored or neglected we would love to have that feedback as well!
Overall I think this years coffees have been cupping fantastic, and we are super happy and proud to be getting all the amazing feedback from roasters and coffee people out there.  It’s cool when our clients send us their roasted coffee as well, and more of that stuff is very welcome….!

We, Alec and I, just came back form Africa. The aim this time was to follow up our shipments from Burundi and Rwanda that is now afloat. Some information and photos follow in the posts below.

We are also arranging some trips to origin where clients are welcome to tag along and travel with us this year to Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia and Centrals. It will be announced on Facebook and twitter when we have the dates. But if you’re interested in anything specific let us know. The earlier the better and we will keep you posted.

Mesele Haille, Seife, and Mesele's wife Workye. Mesele is one of

And: Welcome Seife!

Seife Tuloskorpi is now on board as a permanent member of the Nordic Approach crew, as the country manager for Ethiopia! Some of the coffees we have accessed, selected and got milled and shipped based on great follow up through this collaboration has been mind blowing. Basically Seife will be in charge of quality control on the ground there and the relations to our producers and partners. He will also manage and develop the FOB sales going directly to clients. Meaning we will be able to supply great coffees not only spot but also to roasters able to import directly them selves. Seife will spend about half the year in Ethiopia and the rest in Oslo and Europe to follow up on sales.

If you’re in Ethiopia and want to catch up, cup some samples etc you can always get in touch with Seife.

Some information and country previews can be found on the posts below:


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Preview: Kenya 2013/2014