It’s really been working well this year for us with Ethiopia. Most of the coffees were sold out even before they entered port here in Europe, but we have been holding back a little to still have Ethiopian coffees to offer for the next few months. There are a couple of great Yirgas left, as well as some new arrivals from the West. Please ask us for samples if you’re interested.
We have also recently been in Ethiopia to already start preparations for the upcoming crop. Rumors say it will be an early start, but still there will be a minimum 6 months until we receive the first shipments.

Mesele Haille, Seife, and Mesele's wife Workye. Mesele is one of

Welcome Seife!

Seife Tuloskorpi is now on board as a permanent member of the Nordic Approach crew, as the country manager for Ethiopia! Some of the coffees we have accessed, selected and got milled and shipped based on great follow up through this collaboration has been mind blowing. Basically Seife will be in charge of quality control on the ground there and the relations to our producers and partners. He will also manage and develop the FOB sales going directly to clients. Meaning we will be able to supply great coffees not only spot but also to roasters able to import directly them selves. Seife will spend about half the year in Ethiopia and the rest in Oslo and Europe to follow up on sales.