Some thoughts on the Centrals:
El Salvador

Had relatively small volumes this year, for the second year in a row. El Salvador has been hit hard by leaf rust in addition to the low harvest cycle. Still, we have a selection of coffees from Jasal this year as always. Many are pre-booked, but there will be small amounts available that will appear on the offer list soon. We are also still finalizing coffees from the last pickings from Los Pirineos that have been shade dried, and are just finished on the drying tables. This will be announced soon.

Costa Rica

We are increasing our range of Costa Rica this year compared to the past. We have spent some time there to find new producers and have selected a really good range from different micro mills in Terrazu. Some of these mills are brand new, and the first year in production, but are performing extremely well. We are aiming on strengthening our relationship there over the next few years as we have found coffees that’s a perfect fit for our concept and flavor preferences. Mainly caturra and some catuai grown from 1800 – 2000 MASL. We will soon post a separate blog post on our work in Costa Rica (as soon as Alec gets his act together and sorts through his travel photos…)


We are currently working on some potentially great stuff from Huehuetenango and Freijanes. They are just about to finish the harvest, in some of these farms, and we are still waiting for confirmation samples. If they all performs well, and if we find enough attractive coffees to justify the shipment we will hopefully get these in  by end of June. Might be a mix of both Pacamars, Caturras and Bourbon.

Check out the new offer list here!