Here’s an overview of what we have coming in from Ethiopia this year:

Finally the first container from Ethiopia has arrived. Samples of the new arrivals are now available, and we expect PSS samples shortly of all the other incoming Ethiopians.

The coffees came in to our Oslo warehouse on Wednesday March 26th, and are definitely meeting our expectations on the cupping table. Floral, citric, spicy, clean and super sweet. These were three coffees out of a total of 5 different private washing stations in Yirgacheffe: Kochere, Chelelectu and Dumerso.  They are lots of 100 bags each and are from producers in different micro regions. We will also have the Wote arriving in Oslo next week (8 April), and there will be two more Yirgacheffe coffees (Aricha and Wote) coming in to Eniti in the UK in less than a month. (Read more about our warehousing changes here).

We are just finalizing the unwashed/sundried Yirgacheffe coffees, and they should arrive in about 6-7 weeks.


We have four different Sidamos coming in both to Oslo and Eniti in the UK. Bokasso and Hunkute will arrive in Oslo soon, and while most of it is pre – booked, we still have some available. We have one washed Guji arriving in the UK, as well as 200 bags of a great new coffee from the Cooperative Wottona Bultuma in Aleta Wondo. For those of you who haven’t tried out too many of the very high grown and complex Sidamos, I really recommend to give it a chance. They can in our opinion easily compete with any Yirgacheffe. The Guji will arrive in less than a month (end of April), and the Wottona in about 7 weeks from now (May/June).


Again we bought some great stuff from the coopertives Bifdu Gudina, Nano Challa, and Duromina. A lot of it was pre-booked, but we still have some left. These coffees are pretty exceptional and very different from the Yirgacheffe and Sidamo Coffees, with a very sweet, almost spicy profile. We aim at buying more of these next season.

Check out the new offer list here!