We want to let everybody know about some warehousing changes we’ve started for the 2014 harvest. As you can see on our new offer list, we are landing an increasing amount of coffee in the UK at Eniti, a specialty coffee and tea warehouse that is already quite well known in the industry.

There are several reasons for this, and all are related to giving more flexibility, better service, and a smoother and more economical option for coffee delivery:

1) Customs — all coffees from the UK are already cleared into the EU, which should make customs clearance headaches (mostly) a thing of the past.

2) Transport — freight rates from Eniti seem to be competitive for most locations as compared to Oslo, and without the extra charge for customs clearance.

3) Flexibility — having two locations for warehousing will allow us to fit everyone’s needs a bit better and offer better prices to more locations, especially in the UK/Ireland and southern Europe. Customers in northern Europe and Scandinavia will have their choice, as there should be very little difference in cost or delivery time!

We’ll be able to move coffee between warehouses with relative ease as well, so don’t worry if you see something you want to order and it’s not in your nearest warehouse location. As always I’ll do my best to sort it out!