We have made a new film! This time from Colombia, showing some of the various farms, environments, production facilities, surroundings, and daily life of the farmers we are working with in Colombia. We wanted to give you a glimpse of what a vast and beautiful coffee origin Colombia is, and all the labor and people that are involved in the production process – from planting and growing trees, to picking and processing, to getting the dried parchment delivered to the nearest bodega (which can be very far away).

In this film we are visiting these farmers:

Sandra Milena Mora, Finca El Porvenir, Palestina, Huila.
Alfredo Baos, Finca Peñitas, Palestina, Huila.
Gustavo Sorio, Finca La Ramada, Tarqui, Huila.
Patricia Falla, Finca La Miredya, Tarqui, Huila.
Fernando Trujillo, Finca Los Altares, Tarqui, Huila.
Fabio Escobar, Finca La Punta, Tarqui, Huila.
Juan Saldarriaga, Finca El Encanto, Hispania, Antioquia.
Juan Saldarriaga, Finca La Claudina, Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia.
Daniel Restrepo, Finca La Virgen, Concordia, Antioquia.
Sergio Tobon, Finca Vuelta Bonita, Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia.
Astrid Medina, Finca Buena Vista, Gaitania, Tolima.
Didier Gomez, Finca Buenos Aires, Gaitania, Tolima.
Hernando Gomez, Finca Bella Vista, Planadas, Tolima.