Samples are a big part of the daily routine here in the Lab and our main way of selling coffee to our customers. As the lab manager, samples are kinda my life.

On average, we roast 3 hours daily, to prepare for cupping or to send out to you guys and gals:

  • In our Lab, we roast on a 4 barrel Probat BRZ.
  • 100 grams in each barrel.
  • Our sample roast profile is simple, yet bulletproof.
  • The total roasting time is 6-8 minutes, depending on the cultivar and processing.
  • Development time lasts from 45 – 75 seconds.

When a sample is roasted, we divide the remaining 88 grams into 3 sample bags. That we send out to three different customers. This way we can make the most out of all the coffee we roast.

Every day, we send out samples. Both roasted and green. Based on requests by you, we roast, pack and send about 30 samples a day.


  • Weigh them
  • Read moisture
  • Roast them
  • Weigh them again
  • Pack them
  • Create labels for them
  • Seal them
  • And send them to you

In the Nordic Approach lab, where I, Kaya has been since May 2015, we have tons of samples.

In 2015 we bought approximately 800 different lots. Where of 380 of these different lots where stored in our lab. That´s 1-ton of samples.

And here is a 1-ton burger, just to give you an idea of how much green coffee that really is.

Since May 2015, we have sent 11883 samples

to 792 different customers and prospects


That´s how much NOK we have used on FedEx in 1 year (21517.25 USD)

And what kind of samples do we send out really? What origins is more popular?


And who is our receivers?

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