We are thrilled to announce that we have just received fresh Javas from Frinsa coming in earlier than ever. I am more convinced now than ever before about this being a pretty unique project and concept. The development of the coffees are great as well as the producer Wildan is totally delivering as promised both on time and quality. And as this is the 3rd year it’s proven to work well. Yes, we have had some challenges on shipping, bagging etc, but always with the will to adjust and support from the producer side. And that is really what we appreciate in a producer/importer relationship. It’s all about the same farm as before, Frinsa Estate and we are again buying the Sigararutang and Ateng Super from the farm itself, and also some amounts from the outgrowers, Frinsa Collective, that are supported by Wildan and he’s wife Atieq, the owners of Frinsa Estate.

Frinsa Estate

There is no doubt that Wildans washed coffee is something unique and much more characteristic, bright and flavourful than what people normally expect from Javas. Most washed Javas in the market have been from large governmental owned estates like Jampit growing Catimors. Not that catimors have to be bad, but we have generally found them a little boring and rough. Whatever you think of these coffees they are for sure not boring, and when it comes to processing they are done really well and we consider them as super clean and distinct. They can in our experience perform well as both filters and espressos

As for the first time we are also buying some limited amounts of wet hulled coffees. We have generally been very sceptic to this kind of preparation and drying. That was actually why we started to buy from Frinsa in the first place, as they were focused on fully washed and properly drying in parchment. The wet hulled method is something that are widely used in Indonesia for the general commodities. They basically remove the parchment while the coffee is still wet and finish off the drying in greens. This do create another flavor profile for sure, they can be good and very intense and characteristic, but often becomes too rough. But Wildan believes that if you find the right method, and do it with care you can produce something unique and really good. And what we cupped was tasting very good and different from everything else. And we are excited to have this in stock for the first time ever.

Wet Hulled coffee, Frinsa Estate, Java Indonesia
This is Wildans wet hulling experiments at Frinsa Estate. The wet hulled coffees in Indonesia is generally not taken well care of, and is the bases for the Indonesian commodity coffee. Wildan believe he can do it in a way to achieve great scores and a unique profile. Wet hulled basically means that they remove the parchment while the coffee is still wet (or just dried enough so the parchment can be removed) and they do the rest of the drying process in greens. We have been against this process as it seems to be hard to find really clean coffees, but thanks to Wildan we have now changed our minds. This is the first year we are buying wet hulled, and we believe it can be something different than what you can find elsewhere. And we really liked the cup profile.

Wildan and Atieq is doing really well. They recently won a “best farmer award” in Indonesia, and for what we are buying they constantly seems to improve. They had a challenging year in terms of volumes, and that goes for Indonesia in general, so the prices overall is fairly high. But as for the coffees we are buying they are totally worth it.

Frinsa Estate got the award for best farmer 2018 in Indonesia this year. We are proud to buy their coffees 3 years in a row, and it’s just getting better. Well deserved!
At the hand sorting table at Frinsa Estate together with the producer Wildan Mustofa. The setup is fairly simple, but Wildan is a producer who controls the whole supply chain. 

This is the statement received by Wildan before contracting the coffees:

“Indonesian coffee Price is very high this year due to two years of low yield all over Indonesia.”

If it wasn’t for the low yield this year we would have bought more. But we are in this for the long run, and will for sure increase volumes with Wildan and Atieq over time.

Indonesia offer-list, UK warehouse

Picking cherries at Frinsa Estate


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