Hey it’s Alec from Nordic Approach! Just calling to ask about your coffee planning for 2021 🙂 🙂


Um, what?

Yeah, I know. It’s been a year. But we’re still here and so are you, and people still need coffee. So how should you approach coffee planning this season?

Every roaster is different but there are a few things every roaster can benefit from.

1. Define your current situation

Are you long on espresso? Short on filters? Have only 1 or 2 origins on the list? It’s super helpful for us to know what you want to see and what you don’t have any need for.

2. Set a “baseline”

Sure, using 2020 as a baseline year is pointless. But you probably know what coffees you tend to use a lot of, so setting a “minimum” volume for each category is helpful so we get you the right samples.

3. Remember the harvest calendar

Feeling a little long on Brazil or Colombia? Understandable, but remember that the harvest in those countries is basically over, so the first new arrivals will be September at the earliest. Will you need more coffees from those origins before then?

In the same way, think about coffee arrivals. Kenya and Ethiopia will start to arrive in April, Honduras and El Salvador in May. Can you wait until those come in or do you need something now?

4. Ask for samples when you see a need

Don’t hesitate to just reach out to us and say “I have a filter I need to fill, anything except Ecuador” and we will send you samples ASAP.

5. Check NA Direct for volumes you know you will need

Not everybody is able to buy 30 bags of one coffee, but some roasters who were looking at direct shipments or bigger volumes may be unsure about how to secure them this year.

Check out our NA Direct offer list. You can access really good prices on the bigger lots, starting at 30 bags. And if you are interested in direct shipments from Ethiopia or Honduras, now is the time to contact Tropiq!

There. Feeling calmer yet?


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