It’s not about where to drink coffee but about the how.

Scandinavians are true coffee lovers and that’s a fact. But where can you find the very best quality coffee in the Norwegian capital? Working in the coffee industry for over 10 years in the Nordic country gave us a fine overview of our favourite coffee shops and very unique and special spots in Oslo.

But let’s go further than the classic “where to find the best coffee in Oslo” mindset. We can start by asking you HOW do you want to drink your coffee today?

If you seek pure elegance in your mug

logo of tim wendelbow

Tim Wendelboe

A well-deserved popular name. The Tim Weldelboe team roasts coffee right behind our headquarters. That smell is freaking priceless!

logo of solberg and hansen


Located in Mathallen to offer you good coffee and tea! Despite what you may think we don’t always drink coffee all the time here at NA.

Vintage Nostalgia

logo of fuglen


Coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night… and vintage design shop all the time! This is a MUST for sure.

Feeling Neon?

logo of talormade


There’s nothing like grabbing your warm takeaway coffee and surrounding the fjord in a winter morning walk. The queue might impress you at first – no stress, the baristas are on fire – but trust us when we mention it’s absolutely worth it.

Papegøye (FKA Neongrut)

The perfect spot to chill after work… they are our coolest neighbours in Tøyengata street. If you are in need of neon vibes, step by.

Lille Oslo Kaffebrenneri

Visit their new, local café in the heart of Grünerløkka!

A space for multitaskers

logo of dapper oslo


If you enjoy drinking your takeaway coffee while doing some shopping, this is your place. In Dapper there’s not just amazing coffee to taste, but also a bunch of clothes and accessories to take a look at. Twofer.


Fabulous atmosphere to gather with friends for a catch-up or just come here with a good book. Besides delicious coffee, they also have fantastic tea options from Jacu.

And last but not least… craving a casual coffee in the heart of Oslo?

logo of kaffebrenneriet


Very conveniently, easy to find in the city centre. Great quality coffee and amazing cinnamon buns!

logo of supreme roastworks

Supreme Roastwork

Love a good mocha? Supreme will never disappoint you. There are two coffee shops, being one of them right in front of the Oslo harbour.

Check out the map at the very top of this blog post, and find your next stop!

Not enough ideas for you? Let us suggest you check the Guide to Oslo that we share with our producers and roasters when they come to visit us. There you will find additional spots that you cannot miss in Oslo.