It’s been a challenging year on the Honduran farms, but we have ensured our 2022 lots and it all looks promising! We have received the first preshiment samples for some of the Caballeros lots but there is more on its way. Here you go an overview so you can plan your coffees with your fav sales rep!

Looking back: 2021/22 Harvest

Due to different factors, volumes of Honduran coffees decreased by 30-40% this year. On the one hand, hurricanes affected the rain in the coffee regions. During October and November coffee plants need to have dry and sunshine in order for the buds of flowers to develop and ripen properly. However, there was a lot of rain, which is not the ideal scenario for this period. On the other hand, trees in many areas are old, which also contributes to seeing fewer volumes of cherries in the fields. Now farmers are working to renew their farms by planting new coffee trees so we will have to wait to see the result.

Intibuca Collective

In Intibuca, cherries ripen later than in Marcala due to the higher altitude. This year, harvesting started in late February. We have been in touch with our partner Rony, founder of Café Raga, who has been working with small groups of producers in this region since 2014. After conducting several training sessions and talks about coffee processing and drying, the quality of these coffees increased significantly. The coffees we usually expect from this area are blends that allow us to offer bigger volumes of great quality coffee.

The Caballeros

The Caballeros family, located in Marcala, surprised us with some of the most delicious naturals we have ever tasted. Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera have as well prepared some special preps – you will still have to wait for the preship samples though, but we still felt like leaking this appetiser. And last but not least… the astonishing Geishas. Yes, it’s happening, peeps.

Check out the list down below to sneak peek at the fresh coffees from Honduras!

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