How can you tell that spring is coming? Sprouts, sunshine, rainy weather… and Ethiopian coffees!

Our offer list just got a top-up with a bunch of options for your menu. Are you in need of inspiration or looking for a quick guide to all those fancy names? Then keep reading.

Let’s Recap: 2021/22 Harvest

The harvest this year started at the end of October and beginning of November in lower altitude areas and it is expected to end by the end of January in higher altitude areas. In West Arsi, due to a shortage of rainfall in early December, cherries matured much slower and the yield was not as high as expected.

In Guji and West Guji, on the other hand, the climate conditions have been really good. The harvest kept stable compared to last year. The second picking ended in February. Yirgacheffe and Gedeb also benefit from great climate conditions; good and consistent rainfall early in the season. All these regions benefit from a shortage of rainfall in November, which ensures some good volumes of coffee production. 

In Bombe, tables were already full of cherry by mid-December and the harvest continued until the end of the month.

How to quickly identify your “cup of tea”

As you navigate our offer list you will find both natural and washed coffees. Among the washed options you will find some great volumes if this is what you are looking for. You can keep an eye on the NA Direct Offer List, which will be updated whenever we have big lots available. The coffees from Bensa, in particular, show great complexity, florals, and tropical fruit layers. Other household names from Yirgacheffe and Limmu include organic offerings from Biftu Gudina, Duromina, and Danche.

When it comes to naturals, you will already see several single farmer names from Yrgacheffe on the list. These amazing lots are scoring 87+ and even 88 like this coffee!

If you look into the flavour wheel, you will find all kinds of fancy names that we have given to our coffees. Discover the meaning through these flashcards that you can use and share as you wish!

Now you are set! We hope you found this overview helpful. For any personalised recommendations do not hesitate to reach your fav sales rep 🥸.

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