We closed April with our Spring Cupping 2022, where we cupped 124 coffees in total from different origins – Ethiopia, Honduras, El Salvador, Uganda, Kenya, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to also show off some funky coffees from our collection. 

Our colleagues also took us through each one of the origins during their presentations, so everybody could gain insight into the starting point of the supply chain in the coffee industry. We also discovered together who is behind these coffees, as well as the challenges and perks farmers face. 

We are convinced – and bet you are too – that understanding the processes involved in each place is extremely important.  This is why we felt like sharing all the presentations we covered in the Spring Cupping, along with a detailed list of all the coffees we cupped (in stock).

  • Fermentation in coffee and cupping extended fermentations
  • New Normal – pricing, cost of production, and planning in 2022 and beyond 
  • Centrals coffee update and cupping of El Salvador and Honduras
  • Kenya update and new crop cupping
  • Ethiopia update and cupping #1 – washed and #2 natural 
  • Uganda update and cupping

Let’s dig in

Fermentation in coffee and cupping of extended fermentations

This one is for all the funk-lovers out there. We have been learning and experimenting with new processing methods and diving into the basics.

The term fermentation refers to the process in which microorganisms (yeasts, bacteria, molds) break molecules down into smaller ones, to produce flavours that are not present in the original product.  If you feel like cupping these in your roastery, check out the list of the coffees we cupped and order your samples! 

Wanna review Jamie’s presentation? Video

Wanna review the basics first? luckily,  this video series is available for you here

“New Normal” – pricing, cost of production, and planning in 2022 and beyond 

Have you ever considered how C price, production costs, currency value, and demand can affect the price of specialty coffee? We know inflation is on everyone’s lips at this precise moment. But how has this situation been like historically? 

This surprising presentation gave us a great insight into the market situation at this precise moment and other important factors to think about on what to expect in the future.

Let Alec tell you more about it in this video

Let’s go to origin!

We would love to tell you more about all the topics, but it’s better if you see it with your own eyes, so jump into the videos of all the presentations. First, let’s check out the lists (in stock).

Centrals coffee update and cupping of El Salvador and Honduras

El Salvador and Honduras farms had a challenging year, but were rewarded with very promising coffees. 

Kenya update and new crop Kenya cupping

Kenya’s coffee is a must, so let us inspire you with this selection.

Ethiopia update and cupping #1 – washed and #2 natural 

Ethiopia was the most awaited presentation and cupping, and the attendees were not disappointed.

Let Alex tell you more. Video



Uganda update and cupping

For the grand finale, we cupped the amazing Ugandan flavors. Joanne will tell you more in the video

Coffees in Stock 

Although you may already be familiar with them, there is always a surprise.

 Thank you to all who visited us. It was amazing sharing with you these 3 (intense) days

See you soon!!

So you missed the Spring Cupping and were eager to taste all the different coffee varieties?

There is no need to worry. Get in touch and tell us what coffee you are interested in coffee@nordicapproach.no

The presentations are available for you

Ready to go learn

Wondering where you can see all the photos of the event?

We had so many great pictures that it was hard to pick just a few and we have created an extended gallery. Check it out


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