It has been a while since the last time we met at the World of Coffee ‐ WOC, but we are so EXCITED to announce that this year we will be meeting face-to-face again at the WOC Milan on June 23, 24 and 25.

For coffee lovers, the World of Coffee is a must, and after 3 years, we don’t plan to miss this event for coffee professionals. This time, however, we’re more pumped than ever, since we have a bunch of surprises coming straight from Norway and Belgium (our warehouse).

In case you are wondering, the World of Coffee is the premium coffee event in Europe for high-quality coffee. It draws a large and loyal audience from the global specialty coffee community, where we talk about what we love the most, COFFEE. It is also the perfect place to discover the most innovative products and services of the market.

This year, the WOC will be held in Milan, Italy, at the Milano Convention Center. It will feature a trade exhibition, lectures, workshops, tasting rooms, a roaster village (where we’ll be), the Best New Product Competition, and the Coffee Design Awards.

Above all, one of the highlights of the WOC Milan is that it will host five World Coffee Championships:

  • World Latte Art
  • World Coffee in Good Spirits
  • World Cup Tasters
  • World Coffee Roasting Championships
  • World Cezve/Ibrik Championships. 

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is the organizer of the event. It is a nonprofit organization with the mission of promoting activities that will make coffee a more sustainable, equitable, and thriving industry for the entire value chain. The SCA describes the WOC as a FESTIVAL OF INNOVATION, ENTERTAINMENT, and KNOWLEDGE. 

Nordic Approach at the World of Coffee 2022

Getting back to what we are bringing to the event, we have chosen some jewels from: Honduras, Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, El Salvador.

So, join us at tables 68 & 69 at the Roasters Village, HALL 3, Ground Fl, to meet our insatiable team.

In the coming days, we will also publish the list of the coffees that we will taste in the WOC Milan 2022. Meanwhile, get a peak of our schedule.

If you can’t make it to Milan, but are dying to know how the event is going, we will keep you updated. Pay special attention to our Instagram account, where posts and news will never cease. Guaranteed.


Here you have the official website of WOC Milan 2022, and the official Site of SCA.

Counting down the days to see you!

World Of Coffee / WOC MILAN 2022 Nordic Approach


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