Over the years, we have developed a taste for fruit-loaded profiles, and we have noticed the same trend among roasters, as they have been asking us for more fruity wild notes and … why not? middling levels of funk!

We became more creative and bold because of this, so we decided to include natural and cherry fermented coffees in our offer list from as many different producing countries as possible. This is how the Concept “Bomba de Fruta” was born.

Unique natural coffees from Colombia and Honduras available for your roaster.

The idea was driven by our experienced team and their vast knowledge of each coffee origin’s industry. They have been working with our partners at origin, sharing our protocols for drying and fermenting cherries and producing these coffees with great fruit plus great clarity.

Of course, it always remains essential that these coffees are well processed and that the bean’s attributes are highlighted.

An important detail that we cannot stop telling you about is the meaning behind the name. Since the concept was developed in Spanish-speaking countries, it just made sense to use that language and to devise a term that encompassed the wide range of flavors of the coffees… Plum, vanilla, orange, papaya, wine… At the end, we came up with “Bomba de Fruta” as it literally means fruit bomb.

Which findings have we made after featuring Bomba de Frutas coffees?

  • In the first place, we have enjoyed discovering distinctive and well processed coffees where the processing is able to bring forward their more fruit driven characteristics.
  • Secondly, we realized that roasters have been inspired by the fruity notes, which has boost their creativity.
  • Thirdly, we have found ourselves (happily) overwhelmed by the love, admiration, and affection that consumers and coffee shops have shown to “Bomba de Fruta” coffees.
  • Lastly, that each of these natural blends have distinct profiles depending on the origin, so it won’t hurt to try them all.

Bomba de Fruta in Honduras

The famous couple Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera are the ones that produce “Bomba de Fruta” coffees in Honduras.

Their family has been in the coffee business for over four generations, and above all, they are recognized as one of the top producers of specialty coffee from this Central American country.

Moises began producing Naturals 3 or so years ago, initially only starting with 30 bags, but he has worked hard over the years to perfect the process. He only uses fully ripe coffee berries and dries them on covered raised beds. Originally, the layer with coffee berries must be thin, and when the coffee dries, he increases the thickness.

The farms are located in the Marcala area, where drying Natural coffees can be challenging due to the humid climate and the fact that it can rain during the drying period. Therefore, it can take 20-40 days to dry, depending on the temperatures.

The secret is that we love to accompany producers on the journey of developing a concept together, but we also love having partners in whom we can put our full trust, knowing the result will be extraordinary.

More about the Caballeros and Honduras here

Bomba de Fruta #1, #2, …

If this intrigued you, the next step is to order the Honduran Bomba de Fruta samples and try them for yourself.  You’ll be thinking ‘wow, it’s deliciously fruity’ with every sip!

These are just 4 names out of the 37 that we have on our offer list from Honduras. If you want to see them all, you can click here – Offer list

Look for your Bomba de Fruta lot

The good news does not end there. Since we developed the concept, we were in the obligation of creating an image as apelling as the coffee. Therefore, now we bring you the bagmark “El Griton” (The Screamer) which will be in each Bomba de Fruta bag.

Bomba de Fruta

As a tribute to Edvard Munch, we have paired his iconic artwork “The Scream” with a dramatic pineapple representing all the delicious fruit explosions that you find in your mugs whenever you cup a Bomba de Fruta lot. Here’s a novelty for you: if it happens that you travel to Oslo this summer you can stop by the brand new Munch Museum in Oslo.


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