Kenya is considered by many as the world’s number one quality producer, and over the years we have found some top-notch coffees we are proud to offer. 

Coffee exports make up around 10% of Kenya’s income, and it can produce as much as 65,000 tons of green coffee each year. 

The country processes mainly fully washed coffees, although some new farmers are starting to focus on naturals. To ensure that you can taste the wide range of flavours that Kenya has to supply, we have decided to include a natural coffee from Kenya as a new concept.

Additionally, we cannot overlook the excellent work done by these producers and the strong relationship we are building. 

Natural Kenyan coffee proposal from Mara Coffee

Mara Coffee is a new farm created in 2019, which produces most of its coffee as natural.

For this process, they are fermenting the cherry in barrels for 4 days and then drying it on raised beds. Before putting the cherries into the barrels, they are carefully handpicked to remove any defective cherries. The coffee is hand-picked a second time during the drying process.

It’s an incredibly good coffee. It’s sweet, floral, fruity, and funky all at once. 

Mara Estate is located in Narok County, which is new to us, as the main coffee-growing areas are around Mt. Kenya in the centre of the country and the West, all the way to Mt. Elgon on the Ugandan border.

The curious thing about this side of the Kenyan country is that the harvest follows a different pattern compared to the coffees we usually buy. The flowering period is between September and October and the coffees are harvested between May and July. This means that coffees are shipped between August and October, and are expected to land in November.

Despite being relatively new to coffee production, this area offers some excellent conditions for coffee growing. 

The farm now has 600 acres planted with coffee trees that are two years old. They have set up a nursery to maintain a steady supply of seedlings. Additionally, they are distributing seedlings to farmers in the surrounding area so that they will have a stable cash crop and be able to increase their coffee production.

Give the natural Kenyas a go and let us know your thoughts on the delicious results of this brand-new concept!

Mara Coffee - Kenya

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