To ensure a steady supply of greens throughout the year, you can plan your purchases based on seasonality. Whether you look for the same profiles or like to mix it up, the harvest will keep you up to date with what to expect from each origin.

There is usually a high demand for Africas and Centrals at this time of year. These coffees are incoming and are scheduled to land in April, May, and onwards. If you need coffee now, you can check out our in-stock options and newest arrivals.


As the harvest in some countries is over, new arrivals from certain origins will come much later on in the year. This will be in September at the earliest. If you need coffee from Peru, Indonesia, and Rwanda beforehand, we have a range of in-stocks in our warehouse. You’ll find good options for volume and organics from Peru.


We have received three containers throughout January & February and are expecting one more to arrive in the beginning of March. You’ll find good value volume lots, microlots and special preps.


Colombia has an all year round production, so you can have coffee from this origin throughout most seasons. We are expecting new arrivals from Huila to land in March. Antioquian coffee is ready to go, as it arrived at the end of January.

season's plan: green coffee purchase


Pre-contract these coffees to secure specific lots and potentially save costs!

  • Samples: We expect pre-shipment samples to be available mid or end of March.
  • Arrivals: Washed coffees should start arriving at the end of April, and naturals starting in May/June.
  • Samples: Limited pre-shipment samples are available.
  • Arrivals: Our first container has just landed, with more to follow. Some washed coffees from Kirinyaga are already on our offer list.
  • Samples: We have pre-shipment samples available from our first container, with more to come soon.
  • Arrivals: Two of our shipments are scheduled to leave Uganda this month. We expect them to land in Belgium in April/May.


We’re now getting the first taste of Honduras and El Salvador, as we are still in the planning phase. It is a little bit early to say, but samples from these origins will probably be available in April.

Want to try our incoming coffees first? Our cupping events in April will be a great opportunity for you to do so!

Plan your coffee purchase this season


When in doubt, talk to your sales rep! They’re always informed on the harvest cycles, and know when to expect coffees from each origin. They can give you an indication of the best time to roast individual lots, and will send you the samples you need. You can also email us at

Check out our coffee calendar for more information about harvest months.


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