Morten founded the company in 2011, and has basically managed and been involved in everything from sourcing & strategy, staff/administration and marketing up til 2017. He is now focusing more on product development, strategy and sourcing as well as content marketing related stuff.

Morten has more than a decade of experience sourcing and direct buying from producers in Africa, Central/South America and Asia. Before starting up Nordic Approach in 2011 he worked 9 years as the product manager and buyer at Solberg & Hansen Coffee roasters in Oslo, Norway. He started to cook as a professional chef in 1992 before he took a bachelor in food science in 2000. Thats when the coffee interest started.

Besides managing the company Morten is the main buyer and cupper for Nordic Approach and has a very clear idea of what profiles and quality criteria Nordic Approach should stand for. His experience has taught him how process and growing criterias are linked to cup quality. His mantra would be that any coffee Nordic Approach buys would be something he could stand behind as a buyer in a quality roastery himself. He knows that great coffees comes from projects and longer lasting relations where producers are well paid for quality. He’s also involved in product development. He’s good in building strong relations in producing countries, overall management, creativity in starting up projects, like to work his ass off, but might not always be the most organized guy on earth.  So don’t worry if he’s not always quick on responding on emails.