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Art Of Origin

Order your samples and meet local artists based in the coffee producing countries.

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What is #ArtOfOrigin?

The project emerged as an initiative to refresh the experience of cupping our coffees while we support local artists.

Or producers and partners at origin put an enormous effort into bringing the very best quality coffees. And this is how we want to approach and present the product we work with.
The experience of cupping coffee has just turned into an exhibition!

📍 Brazil

Nordic Approach x Giulianna and Luísa (Mirada)

The Ludic Grains Band

Two wonderful artists based in Brazil are our #ArtOfOrigin pioneers. Giulianna and Luísa run Mirada, and they have defined their unique art through mixed techniques: digital illustration, collage and muralism, combining artisanal techniques with embroidery and crochet. With a background in Architecture and Urbanism, they now seek new ways of telling stories.

In Nordic Approach, we asked every team member what each origin meant to them. Which flavours we recall when thinking about Ethiopia… which colours emerge in our minds when we are about to cup a few Brazils… which experiences and feelings evoke a cup of freshly brewed Peruvian coffee…

And this is what we brought to these Brazilian artists. Giulianna and Luísa made the magic happen.

Discover the story behind each illustration.

Which one is your favourite? 

━ The Gallery ━


With bright sun, cajus and famous “café passado” amongst Yellow Bourbon branches, Brazil is full of joy and happiness. For this design, we brought a very special and unique Brazilian bird, a Tucano, merging with the farmer who gives life to this origin in the middle of the carnival!


We invite you to immerse yourself in the universe of a Colombian ‘finca’: the main traditional farmhouse, some mountainous beautiful areas, the exuberant flora and a chiva rumbera piloted by the classic farmer’s helper – a nice little dog! The incredible scenario in addition to the fantastic Colombian coffees, make one feel like they are riding across a coffee farm, perhaps, spiced with Garcia Marquez’s magic realism!


Under the imposing presence of volcanoes, El Salvador gets us into sweet honey-like coffee flavours! Just like a large honey pot, the volcano represents the rich volcanic soils that get the very best out of the growing coffee plants. The landscape is spiced with some giant Pacamara beans. The farmer uses the volcano as a backrest while diving into his own thoughts.


The illustration represents this origin with a woman who is hand sorting some coffee beans. Citrus flavours, floral profiles and the colours that are present in this illustration evoke the taste of these wonderful coffees. The palette is also inspired by bamboo, which is also widely used to build African beds. Ethiopia is represented with great joy and emotion through this composition!

some citrus flavours, merged with the Ethiopian flag colours,  Surrounded by elements that evoke the flavours we love to find in these coffees –


While we represent the Honduran nights on a farm, we brought two of the typical local architecture elements to the ‘finca’; the Caribbean coast and the historic region colonial style. The woman represents our partners Caballeros, you might have recognised the hat Marysabel wears, as well as the farmer in the background representing the farmer group Intibuca. The dress of the female farmer recreates the parabolic dryers we find on these farms. Under the moonlight, coffees dry overnight to bring us unique flavours!


Diving to the bottom of the sea that surrounds Indonesia, we find a new imaginary coffee farm! With characters like the super friendly monkey – you might remember this story as the monkey took a selfie of himself -, this place represents the crazy fermentation that we sometimes find among the Indonesian coffees. You might have noticed those fermentation tanks underwater, we guarantee this will be the funkiest experiment ever! With a Borobudur architectural reference, it becomes impossible to forget how amazing Indonesia is, and all the wonderful flavours that are found in these coffees.


Through an artificial stream where coffee is “washed”, our three main characters – Cheetah, Giraffe and Elephant – are carrying the extraordinary flavours we commonly find among these coffees. Between limes, berries and black currants the animals are surrounded by Kenya’s magical flora!


Between the coloured mountains of Sun and Moon Valley and the Machu Picchu architecture, we illustrated Peruvian coffee growing all over the place in this wonderful landscape. While this scenario is portrayed as a farm, the farmer handpicks cherries with the help of a friendly alpaca. All this magic is translated into amazing flavours we found in these coffees.


Surrounded by incredible flora right in the Lake Kivu, this women’s group represent a scenery where coffee cherries are being sorted. All the chosen colours and shapes that represent Rwanda in this illustration are tailored to evoke the flavours that we often find in the cup.


Among mountains, typical architecture and breathtaking landscapes in Uganda, we created an imaginary coffee farm where the farmer is replaced by a Grey Crowned Crane figure – Uganda’s national symbol! As this character deals with the scenery of lush flora, coffee beans are put into a barrel. What will these coffees taste like?


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