Cup Nordic Approach

Why do we cup coffee?

Cupping is a tasting exercise. It is a way to evaluate and compare the characteristics of different coffees, and assess their potential.  Throughout the entire coffee process, cupping plays an important role in maintaining the product’s quality. Farmers, suppliers, importers, buyers, and roasters cup at several stages – but not Read more…

drying coffee Ethiopia

Ethiopia 2015

We are proud to again present a great range of Ethiopian coffees. Still, it’s no secret that 2015 was a tough year for Ethiopian coffees in general. Even if we have found great coffees they have been harder to come across than before. There have also been a lot of delays and prices internally have been relatively high across the board.  Even so, the coffees that we bought are super juicy and sweet, and can as always out-cup most coffees around.

red ripe coffee cherries

Coffee update October

The coming period can be a challenge for many roasters wanting to have fresh crop all year as they often run out of coffees from Centrals and Ethiopia/Kenya, and new arrivals from these regions won’t arrive until spring. This is why we have focused a lot now on other origins with great potential and opposite harvesting periods.