We like our pricing to be as clean and transparent as our coffees. In the past we’ve given 7% discounts to customers who take at least four tonnes from us over the course of the year. Now we’re expanding this concept to reward commitment of as little as two tonnes in a year (around 35 bags of 60kg). We’re also increasing the discounts available for six tonnes or more, and offering NA Direct pricing for individual lots of 30+ bags.

These discounts are accessible for all coffees you buy from Nordic Approach (except special offers), regardless of the mix of lots, origins, cupping scores, or prices. The idea is to reward roasters of all sizes for their commitment and planning. Contact us if you have questions or want to plan!

Spot 1+ bag

This is the list price for this coffee. It is available to any roaster, and the minimum purchase is one bag or box.

Loyalty discounts

For customers who buy regularly from us, we are happy to offer discounts for higher volumes.

Customers who purchase certain volumes of coffee from us in a 12 month period are eligible for a loyalty discount. Coffee must be invoiced and dispatched in the last 12 months to count towards your volumes. Loyalty discounts are not available on special offer coffees.

  • 2 tonnes in 12 months: 3%
  • 4 tonnes in 12 months: 7%
  • 6 tonnes in 12 months: 12%