Preliminary schedule:

  • Mon, 28th Oct – arrival Sao Paulo
  • Tue, 29th Oct – drive to Varginha, visit farms
  • Wed, 30th Oct – Cup
  • Thu, 31st Oct – recup, visit farms
  • Fri, 1st Nov – Competition cupping
  • Sat, 2nd Nov – Competition cupping
  • Sun, 3rd Nov – depart

It feels like Brazilian coffees are the underdogs of the Speciality coffee industry, yet they also play an important role in making coffee accessible to a broader range of coffee drinkers. And they would surprise most, if we were given more opportunity to pay the same attention at every stage of production as you see in countries like Kenya for example. Our goal with the Brazilian coffees we buy is to show both what Brazil has to offer and to deliver a coffee that is very drinkable!

Brazil has a lot of coffee to choose from, and economies of scale on large flat farms make Brazilian coffees good value for money. However not all farmers are working on that scale, and not all large-scale farmers can consistently produce good quality.

We work a little differently in Brazil. We don’t go in each harvest and select only the top scoring coffees on the table, rather we choose to buy consistently from the same producers, those who are committed to improving quality. With this long-term commitment we can ask more of the producers including selective picking and experimental processing. Our aim is to create a new category of Brazilian coffee: consistently high quality volume and micro-lots that can stand alone, not just the base coffees for your blend.