The first trip is in February, from 10th – 23rd (El Salvador and Honduras)

Joanne and Jamie will go there with clients to cup and start taking buying decisions from Sunday 10th of February. There will be visits to both Las Cruces and the farms of the Salaverria family as well as to Los Pirineos. Joanne will continue to Honduras with clients for cupping and buying while Jamie will stay behind to process coffee with the Salaverria team at Las Cruces and El Molino in Santa Ana. 

The schedule is below:

Sun, 10th FebruaryArrival: San Salvador, El SalvadorSan Salvador
Mon, 11th FebruaryAM: drive to Santa Ana Region (1.5 hr)
PM: farm visits with Jasal
Jasal mill
Tue, 12th FebruaryCupping with Jasal
Wed, 13th FebruaryAM: re-cupping/farm visits
PM: drive to Los Pireneous (3.5 hr)
Los Pirineos
Thu, 14th FebruaryCup at farm
Fri, 15th FebruaryFarm visit
Sat, 16th FebruaryAM: drive to San Salvador (2 hr)
PM: fly to Tegucigalpa (1 hr)
PM: Drive to Marcala (3 hr)
Sun, 17th FebruaryCup with Rony at Raga Cafe
Mon, 18th FebruaryFarm visits:
Francisco Alvarrado & others in Intibuca
Tue, 19th FebruaryAM: re-cup/farm visits
PM: Dinner with Marysabel & Moises
Wed, 20th FebruaryFarm visit at Caballeros
Thu, 21st FebruaryCup at Caballeros
Fri, 22nd FebruaryAM: re-cup/farm visits
PM: drive to San Pedro Sul (6)
San Pedro Sul
Sat, 23rd FebruaryAM: meeting with Christian LeSage
Depart: San Pedro Sul 

We will also have a second trip in early April, more info tba.