Joanne will go there with clients to cup and take buying decisions. There will be visits to both Las Cruces and the farms of the Salaverria family as well as to Los Pirineos. Joanne will continue to Honduras with clients for cupping and buying.

Mon, 1st AprilTravel
Tue, 2st AprilGilberto – Los Pirineos
Wed, 3rd AprilGilberto – Los Pirineos
Thu, 4th AprilTravel
Fri, 5th AprilJasal – San Fransisco/Las Cruces
Sat, 6th AprilJasal – San Fransisco/Las Cruces
Sun, 7th AprilTravel
Mon, 8th AprilMarysabel & Moises Caballero
Tue, 9th AprilMarysabel & Moises Caballero
Wed, 10th AprilRony – Intibuca producers
Thu, 11th AprilRony – Intibuca producers
Fri, 12th AprilTravel