We currently have two trips planned for Ethiopia and Kenya:

  • 17-21 February, for Russian speakers only! With Alena, email alena@nordicapproach.no for more info
  • 1st-6th March: Travel with our head buyer Joanne Berry to Ethiopia and/or Kenya in March! Email joanne@tropiq.no

Kenya/Ethiopia trip 1st-6th March:

  • 1st Mar – arrival Nairobi
  • 2nd Mar – cupping
  • 3rd Mar – re-cupping
  • 4th Mar – Fly to Addis, cupping
  • 5th Mar – re-cupping
  • 6th Mar – departure

December is the peak in terms of visiting washing stations and understanding the overall quality of the harvest. Mid January throughout April is peak for cuppings. Washed coffees are normally ready to cup mid January. Naturals often start to see our cupping table from middle of February and onwards.

The harvest this year is a little bit delayed, we’re not expecting many coffees on the table until end of February, and we aim to ship before May with arrival in Europe in June.

If you know what you’re looking for in terms of volumes, processing methods and/or specific washing stations let us know! You can also prebook coffees with us in small or big quantities. For more than 100 bags of contracted coffees you could buy them directly on FOB terms and do the imports yourself, or ask us for deals on shipping and financing.  

Let us know your schedule and we can arrange accommodation for you. Confirm your trip with with alexander@tropiq.no