2019 planning has begun!

Take 5 minutes with the forms below and let us know what you’re looking for this season so we can make sure you get all the early samples you are looking for:

If you’d prefer to talk to an actual human being about this — don’t hesitate to get in touch: alec@nordicapproach.no / coffee@nordicapproach.no / +47 9100 1244

Why plan?

  • secure more seasonal, consistent, and higher quality greens

As a roaster, you are planning your menu to keep seasonal coffees rotating throughout the year, as well as to secure your key coffees and relationships for loner time periods. Every year and every harvest is different, so planning is key to manage your inventory and your growth.

  • make more lasting connections with coffee producers

We are frequently traveling to origin with roasters. There are tons of valuable aspects of travel, especially when it is supported with a purchase plan.

You can develop your own range of products, both experimental microlots and bigger lots to run for 6 months. We can make sure that you have some familiar names every year, and give you right of first refusal on coffees you buy every year. You can support farmers by ensuring they will have a market for their coffees. This close communication with producers is crucial.

  • share the risk to get better pricing on the same quality of coffee

If you are willing to commit to coffees earlier in the process, it helps us manage our risk and not end up with unsold coffee at the end of the year. So we can offer bigger discounts than normal without paying the farmer any less or compromising on coffee quality.

There is a huge gap between buying some bags off a spot list and directly importing a container — and a huge amount of risk. We aim to empower you to make more meaningful buying decisions at workable price levels, and to be able to grow your business with Nordic.

We aim to make this process transparent, clear, and customized for your specific needs. We are traveling all year round and cupping through thousands of samples. If we know what you are looking for, we can better serve you with the right coffees at the right time.

Coffee calendar

We believe that seasonality is great, and we’re doing what we can to have fresh coffee arrivals throughout the year. Even if we always try to improve by controlling the processing, drying, warehousing and shipping, there are some differences in how long coffees tend to hold up in freshness before they slowly start to lose some attributes and develop some aged flavors. In general, we think this is impossible to completely escape as a roaster or importer — but some advance planning helps a lot.  We are trying to cover the seasons accordingly with our selections and origins to always make sure there will be availability of great fresh coffees in stock.

coffee calendar

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