Save the date! We’ll do a three day spring cupping this time, April 3rd to 5th 2019. Spring cupping is your best chance to cup through 200 or so newly arrived and incoming coffees. For many it is their main purchasing event for buying Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees, as well as Centrals.

Because our last Spring Cupping event was a bit crowded (70 people) we have set a limit of 45 people this time, so everyone gets enough space to cup and make decisions. The event will be reserved for customers who are green buyers / roasters. 

Tickets available through eventbrite

Rough schedule Spring Cupping 2019:

  • Wednesday: 10 am to 1pm : Sensorial training and espresso training at Espressospesialisten
  • Wednesday after lunch: Cupping in stock coffees at NA
  • Thursday before lunch: El Salvador cupping and presentations
  • Thursday after lunch: Honduras cupping and presentations
  • Friday before lunch: Ethiopia cupping and presentations
  • Friday after lunch: Kenya cupping and presentations
  • Friday evening: party