We’ll be at WoC Amsterdam 21 – 23 June 2018! We have some exclusive coffees with rare varieties just available at the event. Make sure you don’t miss out on the cupping as we don’t have sample materials for these coffees and your only chance to taste them is at the event. We’re in the Village, at stand VL6 & VL7, with cupping at the tables 39, 40 & 41 in front of the stands.

Cupping Schedule:

Thursday 21st

13:30 – Ethiopia and Kenya offers. We will open the show by presenting a limited range of incoming Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees.

15:00 – Coffea Diversa and Salaverria Variety project, meet the producer Andres Salaverria
We are doing a variety concept from Costa Rica and El Salvador with very limited volumes. Laurina, Geisha, Rume Sudan, Monte Cristo, Dilla Alghe, Bourbon long berry, Ethiopian, SL28, Batian. This is a WoC exclusive, we don’t have sample materials for this so if you want to taste it don’t miss this cupping!.

Friday 22nd

10:30 – Burundi and Honduras cupping, and meet the producers Caballeros w/cupping
We will cup special preps, naturals, Honeys and washed and shade dried coffees from the 2018 harvest (happening right now).

12:00 – Naturals and Honeys, all that funk – meet the producers
We will cup naturals and Honeys from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Burundi. Gilberto Baraona from Los Pirineos, Andres Salaverria from Jasal Coffee in El Salvador will be there.

Saturday 23rd

13:30 – El Salvador cupping, meet the producers.
Gilberto Baraona from Los Pirineos and Andres Salaverria from Jasal Coffee will be there. Cupping washed, honeys, naturals and different varieties.

14:30 Variety cupping
We will cup different varieties and gems from Costa Rica, El Salvador and Colombia, Indonesia like Venecia, Tabi , Geisha, Marsellesa, Lempira, Pacamara, Ateng Super, Sigararutang, Castillo, V. Colombia, Ethiopia, Batian, Sl28/34, Orange Geisha