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World of Coffee is back and so are we with a bunch of coffee to offer – and perhaps a couple of beers!

Our plan for the event is awesome, so if you are attending the WOC Milan 2022 don’t hesitate to come by our stand to try high-quality coffee from the world’s most amazing origins.

Let’s go over all the details.

Where can you find us in the World of Coffee?

The Roasters Village is our meeting spot. We will be waiting for you in Hall 3, ground floor at tables 68 & 69.

If you get lost, just reach out to us

What’s the plan?

Luckily, we have three full days to chat, plan, and taste coffee together. Here’s an overview of what’s scheduled for the 23, 24 and 25 of June.

Take into account that during the event the schedule can suffer some unexpected changes, so don’t hesitate to come closer and ask everything you want to know.

Want to read about ALL the coffees we tasted during the World of Coffee?

Familiar faces?

These are the chosen ones! Get to know the team that will be attending the WOC MILAN 2022.
It will be fun to meet everyone, but you can find the right person to answer your questions based on your country. 

Disclaimer: We may look older than our profile photos

Alec Oyhenart
He still works here?
Jenny S. Christensen
Asia, Middle East and Africa
Kaya Carretta
Nordic Countries

Jamie Jongkind
Паничева Алена (Alena)
Poland, Ukraine, Georgia and CIS
Gabe Dunn
Germany, UK, France


Looking for more ways to promote your coffee?

Share with us bags of coffee from your roastery, and we will brew them during the WOC.

If you are new to Nordic Approach, fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.

Looking for more coffees? Remember, you can always check out our offer list in the link below!

Read more information about what the WOC is in our blog post