We’ll be at booths V2 and V3 and Tables 1 & 3 in the Roasters’ Village. 

Wednesday June 5th:
4-7pm – PARTY (get tickets here)

Thursday June 6th:
11.00-11.30 – Meet the Producers Augusto Borges Ferreira and Natalia Brito from Jaguara (Brazil)
13.00-13.30 – Meet the Producers with Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera
14.00-15.30 – cupping coffees from Los Pirineos, El Salvador by Gilberto Baraona
15.30-17.00 – cupping Kenyan coffees

Friday June 7th:
11.00-12.30 – cupping washed Ethiopian coffees
12.30-14.00 – cupping natural Ethiopian coffees
14.00-14.30 – Meet the Producer Juan Saldarriaga

Saturday June 8th:
11.00-11.30 – Meet the Producer Gilberto Baraona
14.00-15.30 – cupping FØNK (naturals, special prep, fermented coffees)
15.30-17.00 – cupping coffees from Honduras

Cupping lists:

Los Pirineos (El Salvador), Thursday

Table #Product CodeDescriptionVariety Process PackagingUnitsPrice ($/kg)
1SV-2019-029Las Palmas Los Pirineos Shade #01BourbonFully Washed69 kg bag35$10.10
2SV-2019-030Los Pirineos Shade #02BourbonFully Washed69 kg bag0$10.30
3SV-2019-038Los Pirineos Shade #09PacamaraYellow Honey69 kg bag5$10.55
4SV-2019-032Las Palmas Los Pirineos Yeast ShadeBourbonYeast/Fully Washed24 kg bag0$32.35
5SV-2019-033Los Pirineos Shade #04BourbonRed Honey69 kg bag35$12.05
6SV-2019-036Las Palmas Los Pirineos #07PacamaraRed Honey69 kg bag12$12.25
7SV-2019-034Las Palmas Los Pirineos Shade #05BourbonBlack Honey69 kg bag5$12.80
8SV-2019-041Los Pirineos #12PacamaraNatural69 kg bag3$14.60
9SV-2019-042Las Palmas Los Pirineos #13PacamaraNatural69 kg bag12$14.60
10SV-2019-039Las Palmas Los Pirineos #10BourbonNatural69 kg bag0$13.65

Kenya, Thursday

Table #Product CodeDescriptionVariety Process PackagingUnitsPrice ($/kg)
1KE-2019-032AA Kii #166SL28 SL34Fully washed30 kg box9$19.50
2KE-2019-027AB Kii #183SL28 SL34Fully washed60 kg bag2$16.85
3KE-2019-061AA Giki Gitiri #035SL28 SL34Fully washed30 kg box6$15.85
4KE-2019-089AA Muchagara #139SL28 SL34Fully washed30 kg box34$15.90
5KE-2019-084AA Kariru #168SL28 SL34Fully washed30 kg box27$15.90
6KE-2019-093AB Muchagara #139SL28 SL34Fully washed60 kg bag34$13.65
7KE-2019-103AB Kangocho #125SL28 SL34Fully washed60 kg bag3$14.15
8KE-2019-083AA Guama #165SL28 SL34Fully washed30 kg box29$15.90
9KE-2019-079AB Muthuaini #203SL28 SL34Fully washed60 kg bag27$12.35

Ethiopia washed, Friday

Table #Product CodeDescriptionVariety Process PackagingUnitsPrice ($/kg)
1ET-2019-081Uraga Bildimoo #1HeirloomFully washed60 kg bag21$11.05
2ET-2019-258Qore Warqee #1HeirloomFully washed60 kg bag40$10.85
3ET-2019-108Aricha #1HeirloomFully washed60 kg bag41$11.10
4ET-2019-069Nano Challa #1HeirloomFully washed60 kg bag67$11.25
5ET-2019-194Chirre Samii #1HeirloomFully washed60 kg bag100$11.35
6ET-2019-259Adola Kelloo #1 (Organic)HeirloomFully washed60 kg bag35$10.85
7ET-2019-267Mekuria Mergia #1HeirloomFully washed60 kg bag99$11.10
8ET-2019-218Anasora Samii #1HeirloomFully Washed60 kg bag100$10.85
9ET-2019-221Kercha Kelloo #1HeirloomHoney60 kg bag77$11.85

Ethiopia Natural, Friday

Table #Product CodeDescriptionVariety Process PackagingUnitsPrice ($/kg)
1ET-2019-255Aricha #2HeirloomNatural60 kg bag136$11.60
2ET-2019-121Balesi Dingu #1 (single farmer)HeirloomNatural60 kg bag32$11.60
3ET-2019-268Kebede Maro #1 (single farmer)HeirloomNatural60 kg bag39$11.60
4ET-2019-123Kedir Balie #1 (single farmer)HeirloomNatural60 kg bag43$11.60
5ET-2019-271Chelbesa #1HeirloomNatural60 kg bag100$11.60
6ET-2019-282Shakiso #1HeirloomNatural60 kg bag92$12.05
7ET-2019-257Nensebo #1HeirloomNatural60 kg bag9$12.05
8ET-2019-284Bale Mountain #2HeirloomNatural60 kg bag2$12.75
9ET-2019-272Buku Sayisa #1HeirloomNatural60 kg bag50$12.05
10ET-2019-278Semeon AbayeHeirloomNatural60 kg bag0$22.00

FØNK – Naturals from all over, Saturday

Table #Product CodeDescriptionVariety Process PackagingUnitsPrice ($/kg)
1SV-2019-007Buena VistaBourbonNatural69 kg bag0$11.85
2SV-2019-018Loma Linda, San FranciscoBourbonNatural69 kg bag0$11.85
3SV-2019-039Las Palmas Los Pirineos #10BourbonNatural69 kg bag0$13.65
4SV-2019-041Los Pirineos #12PacamaraNatural69 kg bag3$14.60
5SV-2019-040Las Palmas Los Pirineos #11PacamaraNatural69 kg bag0$14.60
6HN-2019-064Caballero – El CampoCatuaiNatural69 kg bag1$11.85
7HN-2019-068Caballero – La Isabel #3CatuaiNatural69 kg bag11$11.05
8UG-2019-009Kuku RevivalSL varietiesNatural60 kg bag0$10.05
9UG-2019-010Kuku GamagoSL varietiesNatural60 kg bag0$10.05

Honduras, Saturday

Table #Product CodeDescriptionVariety Process PackagingUnitsPrice ($/kg)
1HN-2019-094Caballero – El Pantanal #2CatuaiFully washed30 kg box10$12.45
2HN-2019-060Caballero – JR #2CatuaiFully washed69 kg bag11$11.05
3HN-2019-046San Francisco Geisha #2 by Fabio CaballeroGeishaFully washed30 kg box0$32.75
4HN-2019-032Caballero – La Pedro #1CatuaiNatural30 kg box20$12.25
5HN-2019-068Caballero – La Isabel #3CatuaiNatural69 kg bag11$11.05
6HN-2019-088Liquidambar by Guadalupe RodriguezLempiraFully washed30 kg box30$12.10
7HN-2019-077San Isidro by Wilmer Alexis MontoyaBourbonFully washed30 kg box30$12.10
8HN-2019-096Masaguara CollectiveCatuai, BourbonFully washed69 kg bag33$10.10
9HN-2019-086Los Pinos by Joaquina MontoyaCatuaiFully washed30 kg box25$12.10
10HN-2019-074Liquidambo by Yina Yamileth Reyes GomezCatuaiFully washed30 kg box10$12.10