Nordic Approach sells quality green coffee to roasters all over the world
from our warehouse in Belgium

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Regular harvest updates and notes from the field

What can you expect from our Perus?

Our sourcing has focussed on three primary distinctions for coffee lot styles: microlots, cooperatives, and community lots. We have encountered 87+ cups and complex characteristics among all three. Ceviche, Pisco Sours, ayahuasca, and stunning coffees Read more…

Rwanda 2021 | Looking back

It’s truly a pleasure tasting the finished roasts and thinking back at how they started in the early crop and tasting super fresh. I’m always amazed by what you roasters manage to pull out of Read more…

Colombia harvest update

It has been an exacting year in Colombia and for coffee producers across the country. The Colombian people have been grappling with changes in the climate of the country that have dramatic effects on agricultural Read more…


Photos by Jake Green for the Drink My Sweat photographic documentary project


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