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Nordic Approach is a sourcing company focusing solely on high quality green coffees. We do the groundwork to identify, improve, select, and import the best coffees from the most interesting origins. Every coffee we buy or forward to a client is selected based on the cup profile. We believe transparency through the chain and premiums going back to the producers is the only way to achieve a sustainable quality coffee production

Just in:

Gatare #62

This is the second year we have presented Gatare, and the coffees have not failed to impress, with a distinctive and different profile to other coffees out of Rwanda. Even though this is one of the oldest and bigger washing stations in Rwanda, when cupping through the production there are some gems to be found.This is a very elegant coffee, with lovely floral characteristics, that cupped at a whopping 89 score. Great roasted black tea flavour, with yellow fruit, lemon zest, stone fruit and white chocolate. Pineapple acidity, white sugar sweetness. Creamy and balanced.

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Lab's favourite:

Warqee lot 3

This coffee is from the Gore Kone washing station, which a number of great lots we purchased last year came from. We were very happy to see this lot, from the same washing station, perform well again this year!
Nice acidity and fruit, intense, sweet and juicy. Tasting notes of florals, apricot, pear, lemon, sweet lemon juice and plum. Good structure. One of those coffees that scored 86 on arrival abut has now developed to a super fruity and tasty 88!

Featured origin:

ethiopian coffee


We believe Ethiopian coffees are entitled to have a special place in every coffee lover’s heart. It can be so pure and full of flavor nuances. They can be more like fruit juice or fruit tea than what we think of as coffee. And maybe that is just what coffees should be like?

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What we offer


Offered on our spot/offer list from our UK warehouse. We have a great range of seasonal coffees coming in throughout the year.


For roasters to work out their seasonal product range and buying plans through the year together with us! See here for more info.


Pre-book your favorite coffees and/or producer specific products in advance. Travel with us to visit the growers and producers. Cup coffee with us at origin.


Detailed info on all products as well as price transparency throughout the supply chain.


We can efficiently work out delivery to your roastery or warehouse, and provide assistance on documents, customs, etc.


We can source great quality coffees under our same criteria for clients that are able to import coffees themselves directly from origin.


We guarantee against quality drop prior to coffee arrival. We will always stand behind the quality offered and take responsibility for any unexpected problems.