While our buyers are as objective as possible when cupping coffee, they are not coffee cupping automatons. Each has their own favourite style of coffee, and they often fall in love with a lot that simply speaks to them.

If your preferences align with one of our buyers, this page will help you know which coffees on our list might speak to you, too.

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I used to be a “purist” and mainly loved the brightness and clarity of a tasty, elegant and naturally sweet washed coffee. I still love this style, but these days I look for coffees with oomph to the extreme. I don’t care if it’s natural or washed, as long as it has great flavours from the variety, the environment, and the fermentation – hopefully a mix of the three. 

My favourite coffees have structure, tightness and a good amount of acidity, but they also jump off the table with loads of fruits and complex flavours. If that is the case, I can forgive a few minor issues. Not every coffee has to be 100% perfect.


I prioritise acidity in coffee along with balance, probably above most other individual attributes. But overall I like coffees that are complex with layered flavour, and for the flavour characteristics to be distinct. I appreciate fruit and like it to be on the cleaner side.

If I am honest, I like to cup and buy different kinds of coffees. For example, I have spent a lot of time cupping Brazilian naturals and I have really enjoyed these profiles over the last four years. However, if I am going to drink a cup of coffee, my secret favourites are washed fruity and floral coffees.


I like my coffee like I like my clothes – they’ve got to have a bit of colour. They can be bold naturals, umami-like weird lots, complex clean washed ones, or just super sweet coffees – any coffee with character really.

Above all I love those heavy funky weird experimental colourful coffees, as long as I feel the process is done well.