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Where to find us next

Last week, we had an awesome time with our customers at our HQ, cupping over 95 coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, El Salvador, Honduras, and Colombia, along with some in-stocks.

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Our first Kenyas on the offerlist

The 2024 new harvest is on the way! Check out our offerlist for the first names that are expected to enter our EU warehouse in June.

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From Ethiopia​

Ethiopian naturals are known for their distinct, complex, and fruit-driven flavour profiles.

The first Ethiopias of the season are soon on the way!

Two shipments from Danche Washing Station are ready for departure, set to take off from the Port of Djibouti in the next few days.

Fresh crops are soon en route!​

New crops from Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras, and El Salvador are just around the corner, making it the perfect time to confirm your desired volumes.

Nordic Approach & Tropiq are now one!

Nordic Approach and Tropiq are thrilled to announce our merger, evolving from sister companies into a single entity.

Planning your roastery’s menu?

Fresh harvest coffees are on the horizon, as we continuously cup numerous samples and finalise our selections for the year.

Colombia winter harvest, bienvenida

Our selection from both Huila and Antioquia can be expected to arrive in our Belgium warehouse during March.

An update from Honduras

2024 Honduran coffees are loading! As we wait for offer samples to enter our lab, here’s an update on where we’re at in the harvest.

Travel with us to origin

Field visits and cupping trips are vital to our commitment to sourcing the finest coffees, building relationships with producers, and maintaining presence throughout the product cycle.

Kenya: What has changed & what hasn't

Our first shipment of the season is expected to depart in late February or March and arrive towards early May.

Upcoming events & incoming Perus

Gear up for our upcoming events in 2024! In the meantime, check out our offerlist as we have plenty of new arrivals from Peru that just landed in our warehouse.

An update on Ethiopia

Ethiopia season is underway as the harvest concludes in lower altitude areas of Yirgacheffe, West Arsi, and Guji. Higher altitudes in Gedeb, Sidamo, and Hambela still have around 2 weeks of harvesting left.

Fresh on our offerlist from Brazil

We have plenty of new crops coming in from Minas Gerais, expected to land in our warehouse by the end of the year/ early January.

Brazil: introducing selective picking

With manual coffee picking, cherries are picked by hand, a process that varies in techniques across farms and origins.

A close-up on Peru

In light of our incoming shipments, we sat down with Joanne Berry (Head of Sourcing & Procurement) and Gabe Dunn (EU Sales Manager), who were both recently in Peru visiting producers and suppliers.

Our freshest arrivals

Our first Perus have landed in our warehouse and are available on our offerlist.

Monthly Update & Upcoming Origin Trips

Field visits and cupping trips are vital in our dedication to sourcing exceptional coffee lots, nurturing producer relationships, and maintaining a strong presence throughout the entire supply chain.

Peru update: harvest and market insight

Our first coffees from Peru are set to ship soon, and are expected to arrive in our warehouse in December.

The Brazilian touchdown​

Brace yourselves for some tasty microlots landing from our dream team in Minas Gerais.

Our Colombian pioneer & tasty Centrals

Check out our offer list for a diverse range of fruity and transparent coffees from Colombia, and centras from El Salvador and Honduras.

‘Tis the season (well, almost) 🎄🍪

Check out some of our in-stock lots that are perfect for a festive touch. Keep in mind that the cutoff for Christmas coffee orders in Europe is Friday, December 8th.

Brazil: a chat with Joanne Berry

As we prepare for our first Brazils arriving next month, we sat down with Joanne to chat about how we navigate the buying process in this origin.

Oslo Autumn Cupping

Our cupping events are an opportunity to learn more about the origins we work in, interact with producers, and reconnect with the specialty coffee community.

It's raining microlots: what just landed from Huila

Our warehouse in Belgium just welcomed plenty of fresh coffees from Colombia this week, including a long list of single-producer lots from our two suppliers in Huila.

Monthly Update & What's Landing from Rwanda

Our first shipment of the season is currently making its way to our warehouse in Belgium, expected to arrive by mid-October.

Our new supplier in Nariño

Introducing San Martin Origin Coffee, our newly established partnership in the region of Nariño.

Make way for the funky bunch

Our shipment from Frinsa Estate Indonesia is expected to land in a little over a week, with some clean, complex washed lots, as well as intense, wild-processed coffees.

Our Ugandan lineup & next Peru trip ⛰️

The coffee arriving from Bulambuli in September is from the fly crop. You’ll find three different natural lots, all very sweet and fruit-driven. 

Plan the second half of the year & Autumn Cupping

An exciting range of coffees is lined up for you from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Uganda, Rwanda, and Indonesia.

New names on our offer list

This year, we’ve sourced some lots from different washing stations in Ethiopia and new factories in Kenya.

A tribute to the farmers of Intibucá

Our partners in Intibucá are a dedicated group of producers transforming coffee production in the region of Pozo Negro.

🧳 Monthly Update & What Just Landed ✈️

2023 crops are in stock! Check out the video we recorded with our long-term partners from Honduras: The Caballeros.

Ethiopia's New Arrivals & our cupping events in Asia

A fresh batch of Ethiopias has recently arrived from the South. 

WOC Schedule & Frinsa Estate visit

Frinsa Estate producers Wildan Mustofa and his wife Atieq, are travelling to Oslo from Indonesia next week. 

Notes from Uganda and Rwanda

This week, we’ve given the floor to our very own Jamie Jongkind, who recently returned from an origin trip in Uganda and Rwanda.

Tropiq Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a challenging origin to work in, as finding great coffees requires deep insight into the country’s complex economy, politics, regions, and trading protocols.

Monthly update & World of Coffee

What’s on our offer list & where you’ll find us in Athens.

New Arrivals Alert 🚨

Drop everything – our first Uganda, Honduras, and Ethiopia lots are in stock, plus more fresh Kenyans.

An overview on Ethiopia

We’re well into Ethiopia season, as we wait for multiple shipments to arrive throughout May, June, and July.

Colombia: The return of the Recolectores

Initially established in Nariño, this project was created by local exporters and cooperatives.

Monthly Update & some insight from our cupping events

April was an eventful month for us, as we hosted two Spring Cuppings in Berlin & Oslo. We cupped through hundreds of coffees, tasting the season’s latest arrivals.

Selecting bigger lots

We source naturals from almost every origin we work in, even from places where natural processed coffees are not commonly produced at a high quality level.

Exploring Kenyan cooperatives

In Kenya, producers are typically members of a Farmers Cooperative Society. An FCS is an umbrella organisation for factories (also known as wet mills or washing stations).

News from Honduras

With coffee from the Caballero producers, our first shipment from Honduras is expected to land in May.

Monthly update and a lineup of naturals

We source naturals from almost every origin we work in, even from places where natural processed coffees are not commonly produced at a high quality level.

The first Ethiopias on our offer list

The Ethiopian season took off a little late this year, but we’re now underway! The first lots on our offer list are from the regions of Guji and Yirgacheffe.

Spring Cupping agendas & an intro to Bulambuli

Everything you need to know about our events & our latest project in Uganda. The agendas for our Spring Cupping sessions in Berlin and Oslo are ready. We have also posted a new blog post on our newest project with Ibero in Bulambuli. Check it out!

Brazil: unexpected profiles

We have always been selective in Brazil, aiming to differentiate ourselves and think outside the box. When we started sourcing from there, we recognised that there was an opportunity to create flavour profiles rarely seen from this origin.

The season's plan & our monthly update

The new harvest season has just begun! Here’s an update of what’s coming in the next few months, as well as a quick overview of our in-stocks.

Colombia: New Supplier, New Coffee!

At the end of February, we will receive coffee from Antioquia, while our Huilan selection will arrive in March, supplied by our newest partner, Cuatro Vientos.

Our Spring Cupping Events & Kenya Update

We are very excited to be hosting TWO events this year: a brand new edition in Berlin, followed by our annual classic at our headquarters in Oslo.

Ethiopia's Latest News & Monthly Update​

The Ethiopian harvest is coming to an end, as farmers are finishing up with the cherry picking process.

Peru: Microlot or community blend?

As a farmer’s coffee can often go into both options, it gives us the opportunity to buy more volume from one individual.

2023 Kenya: Harvest Update​​

The first 2023 Kenyas are about to depart. The debut has been phenomenal.

Monthly Update & Coffee of the Month​

As the streets of Oslo are buried in fresh snow, our warehouse fills up with more & more coffees for you.

There is so much we look forward to in 2023 ✨

‘Tis the last week of the year and it is loaded with festive vibes! Thank you all for an amazing year by our side.

Washed and Naturals from Indonesia to please every palate

We have seen several great special preps coming from Indonesia, but there is way more to it.

What makes PB lots from Rwanda so special for us

Peaberry beans are characterised by their small screen size and dense consistency.


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