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Colombian Coocentral Lots Afloat

It seems Christmas is coming early this year, as our Colombian lots from Coocentral are expected to land in early December! In our experience, these coffees are great representatives of our ideal Colombian coffee — plenty of juicy fruit, rich sweetness, and smooth profiles.

What better way to get to know these coffees than to talk to our origin partners directly? Follow Enki, our Colombia-based colleague, straight to the coffee’s source where he explores Coocentral’s dry mill and warehouse before taking a stroll through the producer’s farms in Huila. Do you know what a Chiva Rumbera is?

You are still on time for your
Christmas coffees 

We have made a selection of coffees for you to plan your buying. Check out the details on our website!

Christmas Coffee Offer List

Featured incoming coffees from Coocentral

La Ceja by Ferney Macias

This coffee is the result of three small anaerobic experiments. A wild and fun option to add to your menu.

$11.50 USD/kg

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La Ceja by Nelson Macias

This coffee is slightly wild with structured dark fruit, black currant and blueberries. A complex, layered and transparent option.

$11.50 USD/kg

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Madremonte #2

This is a light, well-balanced coffee with good clarity that scores 87+. Very juicy, with lots of cherry and stone fruit.

$10.70 USD/kg

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