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The Intibuca collective

June is a busy month as multiple shipments are landing in our EU warehouse in Belgium, including some juicy, sweet, and fruity microlots from Intibucá, Honduras. The first Intibucá coffees are expected to arrive in the next two weeks.

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New Single-Farmer Project in Ethiopia

Sourced for the first time for the 2024 harvest. We have incoming, traceable coffees on the way, expected to land in our EU warehouse by the end of July or beginning of August.

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Incoming shipments

It’s that time of year again, where new crops are on the move and it’s time to cup, cup, cup. Our offerlist is updated with plenty of incoming coffees, with an overview of what’s landing during which month. In the meantime, here’s a summary of what to expect.

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Incoming microlots from Honduras

Led by Rony Gámez, the group primarily focuses on sharing knowledge, creating a market for their coffees, and establishing a name for the farmers.

Soon landing from El Salvador

Fresh coffees from El Salvador are on the way, expected to land in our EU warehouse at the end of May. 

New sites from Ethiopia

During the buying season, our procurement team is on the look-out for potential in new sub-regions, suppliers, and washing stations that meet our quality standards and transparency criteria.

What's coming from the Caballeros

We have a lineup of washed & naturals set to depart from Honduras by the end of the month! We expect our first shipments from the Caballeros to land in our EU warehouse by early June.

The first Ethiopias of the season are soon on the way!

Last week, we had an awesome time with our customers at our HQ, cupping over 95 coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, El Salvador, Honduras, and Colombia, along with some in-stocks.

Our first Kenyas on the offerlist

The 2024 new harvest is on the way! Check out our offerlist for the first names that are expected to enter our EU warehouse in June.

From Ethiopia​

Ethiopian naturals are known for their distinct, complex, and fruit-driven flavour profiles.

The first Ethiopias of the season are soon on the way!

Two shipments from Danche Washing Station are ready for departure, set to take off from the Port of Djibouti in the next few days.

Fresh crops are soon en route!​

New crops from Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras, and El Salvador are just around the corner, making it the perfect time to confirm your desired volumes.

Nordic Approach & Tropiq are now one!

Nordic Approach and Tropiq are thrilled to announce our merger, evolving from sister companies into a single entity.

Planning your roastery’s menu?

Fresh harvest coffees are on the horizon, as we continuously cup numerous samples and finalise our selections for the year.

Colombia winter harvest, bienvenida

Our selection from both Huila and Antioquia can be expected to arrive in our Belgium warehouse during March.

An update from Honduras

2024 Honduran coffees are loading! As we wait for offer samples to enter our lab, here’s an update on where we’re at in the harvest.

Travel with us to origin

Field visits and cupping trips are vital to our commitment to sourcing the finest coffees, building relationships with producers, and maintaining presence throughout the product cycle.

Kenya: What has changed & what hasn't

Our first shipment of the season is expected to depart in late February or March and arrive towards early May.

Upcoming events & incoming Perus

Gear up for our upcoming events in 2024! In the meantime, check out our offerlist as we have plenty of new arrivals from Peru that just landed in our warehouse.

An update on Ethiopia

Ethiopia season is underway as the harvest concludes in lower altitude areas of Yirgacheffe, West Arsi, and Guji. Higher altitudes in Gedeb, Sidamo, and Hambela still have around 2 weeks of harvesting left.

Fresh on our offerlist from Brazil

We have plenty of new crops coming in from Minas Gerais, expected to land in our warehouse by the end of the year/ early January.

Brazil: introducing selective picking

With manual coffee picking, cherries are picked by hand, a process that varies in techniques across farms and origins.

A close-up on Peru

In light of our incoming shipments, we sat down with Joanne Berry (Head of Sourcing & Procurement) and Gabe Dunn (EU Sales Manager), who were both recently in Peru visiting producers and suppliers.

Our freshest arrivals

Our first Perus have landed in our warehouse and are available on our offerlist.


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