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What are we up to in Nordic Approach?

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Ethiopia's Latest News & Monthly Update

The Ethiopian harvest is coming to an end, as farmers are finishing up with the cherry picking process. Overall, the weather was consistent throughout the entire country, allowing cherries to develop at a normal and steady pace.

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Peru: microlot or community blend?

In Peru, we focus on 2 main distinctions when it comes to lot styles: community lots and microlots.

As a farmer’s coffee can often go into both options, it gives us the opportunity to buy more volume from one individual. This is impactful for each producer, as they can sell more, while it also allows us to curate a large selection of coffee from the same micro-region.

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2023 Kenya: Harvest Update

The first 2023 Kenyas are about to depart, and we’ve found their debut to be phenomenal. If you’re interested in trying them, don’t hesitate to reach out to your sales rep for first dibs! But for now, here’s an update on the harvest.

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Monthly Update & Coffee of the Month

Start off the new year right, with the most distinct flavours! As the streets of Oslo are buried in fresh snow, our warehouse fills up with more & more coffees for you.

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There is so much we look forward to in 2023 ✨

‘Tis the last week of the year and it is loaded with festive vibes! First things first, we want to thank you all for an amazing year by our side.

Washed and Naturals from Indonesia to please every palate​

We have seen several great special preps coming from Indonesia, but there is way more to it.

What makes PB lots from Rwanda so special for us?​

Peaberry beans are characterised by their small screen size and dense consistency.

Monthly Update & Coffee of the Month

We have a good range of flavours and profiles in stock that you can order samples for if you need coffee right now. Explore our selection!

Explore Peruvian farms with Enki

The season for Peruvian coffee is on point with loads of coffee making their way into the warehouse.

Concept coffees in Peru​​​

As our Peru offer is getting a top-up, we thought about reviewing some of the names you will find when navigating the offer list.

When coffee means legacy:
Meet Adriano and Sebastião from Brazil

We believe that highlighting the faces of the professionals that contributed to the lots we buy is primordial.

Brazil update: the challenging 2022 harvest

It has been an erratic and volatile year for Brazilian coffee production.

Monthly Update & Origin Talks 🎥​​​

November arrived dressed in winter lights, making us crave warm and cosy flavours in our coffees. Cardamom, citrus, cinnamon, chocolate…

Kenyan variety research 🔍
Blind cupping results in collaboration with Dorman

What if we grow different coffee varieties under the same conditions and then process them separately? Would you be able to tell the difference during a blind cupping?

Christmassy Ethiopias and natural Kenyas​

While we get ready for Christmas, natural Kenyas from a brand new region to us are expected to land in November.

Coffee Commercialisation in Colombia​​

Coffee represents 35% of the agricultural GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the country. How is coffee price defined across the supply chain?

Monthly Update & Our birthday party

Over 300 guests made the 10 Year Anniversary celebration unique and extra fun. Now let’s get back to business!

A tribute video to our roasters 🎉

Cupping events are very special to us, and this time, the occasion will be followed by our 10 Year Anniversary party.

Autumn Cupping is around the corner 🍁​

Are you acquainted with the program of the event yet? We promise that these two days will be packed!

The novelty of Ethiopia just landed

Fresh coffees from Guji have just landed in our warehouse in Belgium. These are coffees we sourced from processing stations that are new to us! 

Harvests, shipments, samples. Let’s recap!

We have prepared a complete update on all our ten origins. This guide will shed light on what to expect from the coming months so your coffee purchase planning goes as smoothly as possible.

Monthly Update: new coffees, new platform

September comes loaded! We are switching platforms internally, which means the whole team is diving into new menus, layouts, and tons of information.

Have you cupped the fresh Honduran microlots yet?

In Honduras there is a huge variety of unique coffees, but often smallholders can’t produce them in large volumes, making it hard to keep their lots separated. But we can’t help falling in love with some of these very distinct microlots.

Connecting with… Andrés Salaverría 🎥​

We are always in contact with the producers at origin, however, sometimes we wish we could bring them closer to you. And this is why we decided to produce this video for you!

Autumn Cupping + 10 Year Anniversary Party 🎉​

The date for the Autumn Cupping is official: we will meet up at our Oslo headquarters on September 29 and 30. The cupping event will be followed by THE party to celebrate that we are turning 10 years old as a company!

Monthly Update and Salvadoran Special Preps ⚡

Summertime and the living is easy 🎶… but coming back to work can be pretty hectic – ask our beloved colleagues 🙂 Feel related? Take a look at the monthly update to know what August will look like at Nordic Approach.

Bright and expressive Rwandas on their way & Coffee of the Month​​

Our offer for Ethiopias has just gotten a top-up with plenty of new names and flavours to taste! Last year, we grew in volume with one partner so this time, we felt adventurous enough to explore new horizons.

Cup & Chat with Espen: Honduran arrivals 💬​

We thought it would be beautiful to let Espen, our Lab Manager, be the one telling you about his top picks among the latest Honduras arrivals.

From Bourbons to Fruit Bombs: Honduras breakdown 🍓🍍

Let’s break down our in stock Honduras! If you wish to add some Honduras to your menu but are still unsure about what to cup first, let us be your inspiration.

New names among our 2022 Ethiopias 📣​

Our offer for Ethiopias has just gotten a top-up with plenty of new names and flavours to taste! Last year, we grew in volume with one partner so this time, we felt adventurous enough to explore new horizons.

Time to talk about El Salvador

As José Antonio told us during one of our visits to his farm, long-lasting relationships and strategic partners are what make the difference. And we couldn’t agree more with him.

Monthly update and summery Honduras​

Another month, another update! We are approaching the sunniest months of the year in Norway – despite not having seen a clear sky in weeks 🙂 – and we can’t help but look for those tropical notes and summer vibes in our fav beverage.

Kenyas are landing!​​

Just like every week, here we are to let you know what are we up to in Nordic Approach. The hot topic this week couldn’t be other than celebrating that our Kenyas are arriving in Belgium!

Bountiful and Beautiful Ethiopias

The stars have finally aligned so that we can proudly say we have over 30 coffees in the warehouse with 88 points or more. It may come as no surprise that the majority of these are fresh off the boat from Ethiopia, but what may surprise you is that many still have very healthy availability.

Monthly update and the after-party 💃

 Our Tropiq colleague, Joanne, is gearing up for a trip to Peru and Brazil to touch base with our producing partners. This time, she’ll save some space in her luggage for the delicious coffee our customers have roasted so it can be shared with the producers.

Your Kenyas are ready!​

A lot can be said to hype Kenyas, but we think Espen, our lab manager, captured the sentiment well: “I don’t know how I manage to forget and underrate these every time until I actually cup”.

Plan your coffees from Honduras​

The crop in Honduras is about 80% completed with 20% remaining in the field – depending of course on the area. Due to different factors, volumes of Honduran coffees decreased by 30-40% this year.

Ethiopia 2022 season has begun 📢​

Magarrisa, Diima, Samii… What do all these fancy names mean? Lucky for you, we have this flavour wheel of Ethiopian profiles that should help clear up any confusion.

Fruity, Funky or Floral? Fresh Arrivals from Antioquia 🔔​

While many of us grow impatient for spring arrivals from Central America and Africa, Colombia comes in to save the day with Antioquian fruit bombs. 

🏃💨 Quick Updates: Honduras​

The harvest in Marcala began in late January and we have already tasted offer samples of the coffees Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera produced.

Brazil comes in all shapes and sizes!

While we look forward to all the new coffees at the Spring Cupping, it’s important to remember that the final Brazil coffees of the year are just arriving.

Monthly update & Ethiopias on the Water

We are thrilled to announce that the first containers of the season are departing the port in Djibouti. We can’t wait for you to get a hold of these coffees yourselves!

Spring Cupping 2022
Select a date and find your tickets!

It’s finally happening – we will meet once again for our (in)famous Spring Cupping Event at our Oslo HQ.

Uganda: Quick Updates 🏃💨 & Spring Cupping in Oslo

In Uganda, we are preparing the shipment of our first container of the season. What can you expect? Coffees from our well-established projects at Kingha Collective in the South West, and a brand new project in the East: Bulambuli.

Kenya kick it? Yes, you can! Pre-ship Samples Available Now

Our first set of fresh crop Kenya samples are in hand and looking for a new home. If your cupping table might have some room, now is the time to get in touch.

Monthly Update & the Chronicles of a Fazenda Juquinha

In celebration of the shortest month of the year, we have a short update of our current and incoming offers. We’d also like to wish a Happy New Year to all of our readers who follow the lunar calendar!

🏃💨 Quick updates: Ethiopia

It’s finally time to talk about everyone’s favorite gateway coffee: Ethiopia. We’re looking forward to receiving the first samples in February, which means you’ll be hearing from us soon about getting the first taste. We’re counting the days until we can taste what this harvest has to offer!

🏃💨 Quick updates: Kenya

At Nordic Approach, we have already made the majority of our selection. The first Kenya 2022 container is about to be shipped, which means that you will be hearing from us real soon to tell you all about it!

A hill as high as your coffee volume needs?​

Peru season is in full swing! Between the coffees that are already in-stock and those that are due to land soon, you’re spoilt for choice.

Monthly Update and the Return of Antioquia

Here we go once again with our update of what’s coming! We can’t read your fortune nor predict your love life for 2022, but we do have a solid idea of how our offer list will look for the first month of the new year.

Happy 2️⃣ 0️⃣ 2️⃣ 2️⃣ – Wrapping up 2021

What a year it’s been! Rather than getting overly sentimental, we’re cherry-picking some of the practical content from the last year to help you get off on the right foot in 2022. Here is our highlight reel of the timeless and ever-useful.

What’s coming next? 🌟 Harvests, shipments, samples…

This challenging year is now coming to an end but there is so much we look forward to in 2022. And we thought it would be great to close the year by sharing some insights about what is yet to come.


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