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A coffee grower bringing parchment and sampling the bags in Tarqui, Colombia.

How many samples can I order?

We send up to 10 samples at once.

The cupping notes I saw on the website have changed

Coffee is a volatile product, therefore, we need to cup it at different stages of the import process. We will indicate the type of sample we are describing in every description to make sure you receive the right information. More often than not, the cupping notes might vary slightly. We have added a glossary down below with the different samples we work with.

Do you send green or roasted samples?

Either one! We send 100g green samples or 30g roasted samples.

What do you roast your samples on?

We have three Roest machines in our lab that we roast most of our samples on. We also have an Ikawa in the lab.

Do you have any suggested roast curves for Roest and Ikawa?
How do you send samples?

We usually use UPS, but can also send with DHL or Fedex depending on what works best for your country.

How fast do your samples get packed and shipped?

Our lab crew is roasting, packing, and sending every working day. Generally, if we have the samples on hand, we will ship within a few days of your request. You will receive an email with a tracking link, and hopefully the samples within 1-2 working days!

Can I have pre-shipment samples (PSS)?

We are very limited on the amount of preshipment samples that we get for each lot. We will do our best to share them with as many roasters as possible. Ask your sales rep for the coffees that are most interesting for you

Can I order samples of all coffees on the offer list?

All coffees can be sampled except for special offers and coffees with low availability.

What if my coffee sells out while I’m cupping samples?

We highly recommend cupping our samples as soon as you receive them to avoid disappointment!

When will my samples arrive to my roastery?

Samples generally arrive within a few days, but we will send you tracking info when they are shipped.

Can you send samples to Asia Pacific & Middle East?

Before we can send you samples, we need to know if you ever imported coffees from Europe before and how is your import plan. Our sales rep will contact you for further details.

Can you send samples to Turkey?

Yes, we can! We will need your Turkish ID number (11 digits) to ship the sample to a private person name. This has yielded the best results with the customs.

Offer samples, pre-shipment samples, and arrival samples:

Offer sample

Samples that exporters or producers send to us.

They represent a specific lot and the coffee might still be on parchment, which requires milling, sorting, and grading.

We may reserve a coffee based on the offer sample, but we will always cup the PSS before confirming the purchase.

Pre-shipment sample (PSS)

Samples we get before the coffee is shipped; milled, screened, graded, sorted, and ready-to-export green coffee.

Before the exporter can actually ship the coffee, we conduct a physical and sensorial evaluation in our lab in Oslo.

We use PSS for the last approval stage. If anything goes wrong with the PSS, we may either cancel the booking or talk to the supplier. Occasionally, it is a matter of re-milling the lot.

Arrival sample (ARS)

Samples we receive after the coffee has arrived at our warehouse.

This is the quality and state of your coffee if you reserve and release it today.

What you cup is what you get!


What documents do I need to import coffee to my country?

It is a very country-specific question. In the EU, it only requires the invoice and the packing list.
But outside the EU, it will differ from country to country. The best thing is to consult your local customs agent or your sales rep for guidance.

How much does shipping cost from Seabridge to my roastery?

This depends on the location of your roastery and the order size. Contact us directly for a specific delivery quote: coffee@nordicapproach.no

Do you ship to Asia Pacific & Middle East countries?

We usually use ocean freight. It will be port-to-port only and you need to do the customs clearance and transportation to your warehouse/roastery yourself. We don’t have the expertise to deal with customs in each different country as the customs regulations may vary and are challenging in most circumstances.

What documents do I need for importing coffee to Asia Pacific & Middle East?

It varies from country to country, so it is best to consult with your customs agent who will clear your shipment. It is important to find a good and reliable customs clearance agent, so you won’t get headaches and problems when the shipment lands. Some certifications are nice to have but not necessarily required, so why pay more for something that you do not have to provide? Read our various certification services here.

How much does the shipment cost to Asia Pacific & Middle East?

Generally shipping with ocean freight is less expensive than air freight. This is just an indication as sometimes there is an applicable surcharge depending on shipping industry conditions. Check out our ocean freight cost.

Do you ship to Russia/Ukraine/CIS countries?

Please, see the information here on our website.

Do you ship to Turkey?

We don’t ship to Turkey. Our Turkish customers arrange their own shipment due to their specific customs regulations.

Our coffees

Where can I find transparency-related information?

Check out our transparency reports on our website. The price paid to producer and FOB information is also specified for each coffee on CropsterHub.

Where can I find more details about the origins?

Check out the origin menu on our website, we have sorted all the details about how we work in every origin. You will also find information about the value chain, the harvest, and processing others.

Can I get the farmer/washing station pictures and use them for my marketing?

Yes, you can. Our customers have access to our SmugMug albums, the platform we use to share this content.


Which coffees can I order?

You will find all the in stock coffees as well as available preships on our offer list. Check out the NA Direct list for 30+ bags, special offers and Buyers’ Picks offer lists.

What’s your minimum order?

We can accommodate orders as little as 1 bag or 1 box. Most roasters try to order at least 300kg (5 bags) at a time for more efficient and cost-effective shipment.

How are coffees packed for shipment?

We send all coffees on EUR pallets, measuring 1.2 x 0.8m. They are strapped and wrapped in plastic.

How many bags can you fit on a pallet?

Up to 10!

Where are your coffees stored?

At Seabridge in Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Are your coffees EU customs cleared?


Why Seabridge?

Seabridge is a climate and humidity-controlled warehouse. It is also mainly solar-powered and connected to the port of Antwerp by rail link.

When do my coffees ship?

Once confirmed, we will send you the invoice with our bank details. As soon as we receive payment (or a copy of payment confirmation from your bank), we’ll get the goods prepared and shipped! It usually takes 2 days to prepare the pallet.

Can I have payment terms?

We give terms for roasters in Europe. After 3 orders, if you are up to date on your bills, you can have 30-day payment terms. Late payments will result in removal of terms! :'(

How do I open an account to start buying my coffee?

It’s not so complicated – we just need some basic info to start:

Our company

Where is Nordic Approach located?

Our headquarters is in Oslo, Norway. We have colleagues based in Russia, Denmark, Germany, Colombia, and Ethiopia.

Can you kick it?
What kind of Coffee Certifications does your company have?

We are organic certified company.

How do I know your incoming harvest?

Check our coffee calendar.

Hi there, this is Nordic Approach!


Can I make a reservation while I wait for samples?

Talk to your sales rep – if we know what you need, and how long you will hold the reservation, we can make a temporary (TBC – to be confirmed) reservation for you. Please note that we need confirmation before the reservation is binding!

What’s the difference between TBC and Confirmed reservation?

TBC (to be confirmed) means we are temporarily holding the coffees for you, but we need your prompt confirmation. Once a reservation is Confirmed, we consider you to be committed to the coffee. We use this date for calculating financing.

How long can I hold a TBC reservation for?

Generally as short as possible, no more than a week. We prefer to get confirmation on your reservation ASAP – so fast cupping is always helpful!

How long can I hold a Confirmed reservation for?

Maximum 6 months. Once a reservation is confirmed, you will start accruing warehousing + financing charges, and the coffee is waiting for you. So we prefer that you take it as soon as you can, while it is fresh! Talk to your sales rep if you have questions.

How much does warehousing cost?

Warehousing and financing is free for the first 30 days after reservation. If you reserved before the coffee arrived, you have 30 days free from the date of arrival. After that, we charge 1.5% per month.

Can you finance my coffees?

We can offer financing for customers who are in good standing (no outstanding bills with us).

Can I ask for arrival sample approval?

Please talk to your sales rep about this. We generally consider PSS approvals binding, but if you really need arrival sample approval, we can accommodate.

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