All orders can be placed via email or phone with our sales staff. We will send you an order confirmation by email to confirm price, quantity, addresses, VAT numbers, and other details.

We will need the following information:

  • Official company name
  • Billing address
  • Shipping / delivery address
  • VAT number
  • Contact person, email, phone

Once confirmed, we will send you the invoice with our bank details. As soon as we receive payment (or copy of payment confirmation from your bank), we’ll get the goods prepared and shipped!

Step by step purchase procedure

  1. Place your order by phone or email.
  2. Ask for transport arrangements. We can handle that.
  3. We will send you the order confirmation.
  4. Approve order confirmation by email.
  5. We will send you the invoice.
  6. Return payment confirmation from bank or wait until we receive funds.
  7. Goods will be prepared and shipped in a few days.

Shipping & Logistics

We can arrange shipment to your roastery anywhere in the world, or prepare the coffee to be picked up by you or your shipping company.

If you are located in Europe, we can ship to your doorstep. If you are in the USA, Asia, or Oceania, we can ship with terms CIF to your port of choice. If you are in Russia, we usually use a third party importer to insure quick and easy transport. (More details on customs clearance below).

All coffees are packed on EUR pallets (1.2m x 0.8m), wrapped in plastic, and strapped for stability.

There is no minimum order – you can order as little as 1 bag/box. Shipping costs are based on 1 pallet, so usually it is more economical to fill up a pallet, but we can accommodate any order size. We add a $50 USD handling charge for pallets under 300kg. 

We can ship or release coffee to you once the invoice is paid. Generally, the timeline looks like this:

  • Day 1: Invoice paid. We ask our warehouse to start packing the coffee.
  • Day 2: Coffee is packed and shipping is ordered.
  • Day 3: Coffee is dispatched, and delivered within a few days. Usually the time between payment and delivery is 5-7 business days within Europe (less within Norway when ordering from the local warehouse).

Customs clearance

All coffees from our Belgian warehouse are customs cleared into the EU.

Coffees in our Oslo warehouse need to be customs cleared when shipping, and in general we will arrange for that to be done through our shipper.

We can help with the process if you are new or if your country has special requirements. If you are outside the EU, local rules for customs clearance will apply, and sometimes you will need special documents like phytosanitary documents, FDA prior notification, etc. The list is long and complicated but we have pretty good experience with most countries so get in touch if you have questions!

Payment terms

We require payment up front before releasing coffee from our warehouse.

All invoices are issued in USD, which are preferred (we buy coffee in USD). If not possible to transfer in USD, we can accept EUR or GBP with an agreed exchange rate, or you can use a third party service like transferwise to covert your currency to USD.

The customer is contracted to paying the price per kg which applies at the time of order, regardless of any discounts that may have been added at a later date.

30 days payment terms

Clients in Europe can have 30 day payment terms if they have made at least three orders from us before and do not have any outstanding invoices with us.

Additional charges

There is an added charge of 50 USD for any orders lower than 300kg. This fee means we can continue to offer minimum orders of just one bag or box. Until know we have being doing this at a loss, which is not sustainable for us, or the producers, in the long run.
Read more on our blog.

Discount on volume purchases

We are happy to offer loyal customers discounts for buying regular volumes from us. Learn more about our discount tiers.


We can offering financing for our clients in the EU. We will charge 1,5% per month starting 1 month after reservation for in stock coffees, or after arrival in Europe for pre-booked coffees. This includes warehousing. Financing is offered for a maximum of 6 months after reservation date.