Welcome to the four-episode web series that will become your guide to all things fermentation. Join Jamie in this adventure that will take you from the very basics of coffee fermentation to the craziest funk.

Episode 1

What is coffee fermentation?

This first episode will give you the fundamentals of fermentation and how it is used in coffee processing.

Episode 2

Regular coffee processing

Before we dive into all the funky experimenty coffee projects, let’s cover the basics. In this episode, Jamie will cover the current “standard” forms of processing.

Episode 3

What is anaerobic and semi-anaerobic coffee fermentation?

Have you heard of anaerobic fermentation? Grab a cup of your favourite ferment, sit back, and join Grandpa Cherry in this latest episode of Fermenty Experimenty.

Episode 4

Carbonic maceration & skin contact

Our funkmeister, Jamie Jongkind, continues to explore the new world of funky coffee fermentation. In this episode we cover two styles adapted from the wine world: carbonic maceration and skin contact, sometimes known as skin pulped. Plus, Jamie hosts the first ever Nordic Approach cooking show with some fermentation you can try at home!