Coffee Calendar

Seasonality is great, and we do our best to have fresh coffee arrivals throughout the year. Harvest times are not as predictable as they used to be, so here you will find an overview based on our latest experience.

This calendar will provide you with a general idea of what to expect every month to help you plan your coffee purchase. Get in touch with your sales rep or send an email to and check out on sample availability for your favourite coffees!

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Origin by origin


Brazil has various harvest timelines depending on the region. We mostly buy coffees from higher altitudes which have later harvests, so our main buying period is in July.


There are two harvesting periods in Colombia. Fortunately, most have two seasons a year so fresh coffees usually land every six months, which means that you can plan for six months of buying before fresh Colombias arrive. The first harvest is the main season for coffees we source from Huila, while the second harvest brings us coffee from Nariño, Tolima and parts of Huila.

El Salvador

Harvest generally begins in December and goes until March in El Salvador. We see the first coffees arrive in our warehouse in Belgium around April.


Harvest normally peaks in November/December, with coffees arriving in our warehouse from May onwards. The first coffees to land are always washed, and naturals arrive later in the season. Ethiopian coffees are known for their longevity and can be used throughout the year.


The coffee we buy is usually harvested in February and March and arrives in June/July, sometimes as early as May. While coffees from this origin are generally known for short shelf lives, we have seen improvements by applying strict protocols on drying, moisture and water activity, storage and timely shipments.


We buy coffees from Java and Sumatra from innovative producers working outside the usual Indonesian trade model. Most of the lots we buy are harvested in June and July, and shelf life has been outstanding.


The main harvest months in Kenya are November/December and cupping for selection usually begins in January. We aim to cup and select early and usually buy in January and February. Coffees have a longer shelf life and can be used more-or-less throughout the year. In Southern Kenya, harvest follows a different pattern. Here, main harvest goes from May to July, and we will see the coffees landing in October-November. This is the first year we are buying coffee from this region, so get ready to taste new flavours!


We buy coffees from the Cajamarca department and the harvest season for these coffees is from May to October, with higher altitudes harvesting later in this window. Coffees usually land in October-December.


Harvest season in Rwanda can vary quite a bit from year to year, so we will see this happen anytime from March to August. We generally see the first coffees land in September.


East Uganda harvest is usually October-November in low to medium altitudes, and from December-February in higher altitudes, but it can be earlier. Coffees usually arrive in Europe in April or May. Harvest in West Uganda varies and can stretch from May-September. However, harvest times have been very erratic in recent years.