All these coffees were initially very high quality, picked and processed carefully, and shipped direct to Nordic Approach. We either didn’t manage to sell them, had late customer cancellations due to other factors, or had warehouse discrepancies that left us with a bit of stock left over.

These coffees are still great value for the money and are competitive with other coffees at the same price point, including fresh crop. So if you have a use for these as blenders, roaster training, or even charity coffees, they can be great value for the right purpose.

Due to the large number of small lots, we do not offer free samples on these coffees. First come first served and all sales final. Coffees available for release from Seabridge from January 4, 2021.

All coffees are still fully traceable and transparent. Farmers have been paid in full including quality premiums, we are the ones taking the loss.

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Sale prices:

2017: $2
2018: $4
2019: $6