At Nordic Approach, we are very strict on quality. When coffee samples arrive in our lab, we perform a detailed analysis before offering these lots to you. However, coffee is a delicate product, meaning time and other external factors might impact the cup profile and flavour.

The list below displays lots from past harvests that have been put on discounts at this precise moment. These coffees are priced to move, but they can still maintain a fruity profile and show great potential. Plus, the proper roast can bring out their quality even further. Most of the time, these coffees are holding up really well.

Besides the special offer, ​we are offering a sweetener: if you buy the last bag(s) available of a specific lot, we will give you an additional $0.50 USD/kg discount.

Contact your salesperson to get your samples! If there is enough volume available you can cup them for yourself. 

Farmers have been paid in full, including quality premiums. We are the ones taking any loss.

NB! First come, first serve and all sales final. NO quality claim on special offered coffees.

Main offer list

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