NA Direct is for those who need bigger volumes of specific coffees from our list. If you want to buy large volumes of a single lot, we can reduce our margin to a minimum.

  • Minimum purchase: 30, 60, or 100+ bags of a single lot
  • Note that you must sign a purchase contract to finalise the reservation.
  • Pre-contracting before shipment is possible

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About NA Direct Offers

We often source bigger lots from producer groups, larger washing stations, or occasionally bigger single farms. These are the same coffees from our main offer list, and we pay the same prices to the farmers. The big difference is your level of commitment. If you can take 30+ bags of a particular lot, we can reduce our margin to a minimum. We also require a signed contract to finalise the reservation.

  • All coffees are sold on FCA terms from Seabridge warehouse in Belgium
  • We offer the same financing and payment terms as with all Nordic Approach coffees.
  • Learn more about how to order our coffee, and our commitment to transparency.
  • Orders and samples can be placed online or by email
  • Click the coffee name to see the coffee profile on Cropster Hub.
  • Learn about our loyalty discounts.

Are you ready to ship direct from origin?

If you are interested in the next level, our sister company Tropiq can source from the same producers and projects. They cater to roasters seeking 100+ bag volumes on FOB terms.

Not sure what’s right for you? Reach out and we’ll give you a call to discuss!