Field visits and cupping trips play a crucial role in our commitment to sourcing the finest lots, fostering producer relationships, and maintaining a strong presence throughout the entire product cycle. We travel to each origin several times a year and we love going with our customers.

During field visits, roasters can develop a deeper, more cultural connection to the coffees they buy. For those buying coffee from a specific origin or region, it is a chance to see the direct impact of your purchasing and to meet the farmers or washing station behind your coffee.

It’s also an opportunity for producers to learn more about roasting and where their coffee goes. There will be time to take photos and videos that you can then use for your own marketing material.

On cupping trips, roasters are part of our purchasing process with exclusive access to early selections which can substantially save costs. 

Some trips may blend farm visits with cupping sessions. 

Could this
be something
for you?

Our origin trips are for coffee professionals with green coffee purchasing responsibilities. Although such trips come with a lot of work and a busy schedule, you will be able to escape from your everyday routine, enjoy spectacular scenery, and meet the coolest people.

You will always be accompanied by one of our expert buyers or a sales representative. We will arrange hotels and transportation at origin and plan the entire schedule. You are responsible for arranging your own flights, visas, travel insurance, and necessary vaccinations.



Indonesia Cupping Trip

We're planning on travelling to Indonesia for cupping purposes in July. On these trips, you will cup through a myriad of coffees with the objective to make buying decisions at origin. You will be able to make early selections and secure better price points.

Indonesia Cupping Trip: Sunday 7th - Thursday 11th July

  • 07/07: Journey to pangalengan
  • 08/07: Visit the Visit the Ciwidey at Frinsa Coffee Plantation and Kawah Putih
  • 09/07: Visit the Gunung Cupu at Frinsa Coffee Plantation & cupping session. Visit Nimo Highland.
  • 10/07: Visit drying process at Sukamenak, Riung Gunung coffee plantation, and Datar Pinus & Raftin.
  • 11/07: Visit processing site & cupping session.


How much does it cost?

This varies. You have to pay for your own flights, hotel, transport and food. Costs can vary from origin to origin, and whether we are staying in a city or rural area. Hotels in cities are about $100-$150 USD per person per night, and in rural areas expect to pay between $60-$80 USD. Transport is about $150 USD per day, which is split between everyone travelling, so this will depend on how many people are on the trip. Food is about $30-$50 USD per day. We recommend bringing USD cash and a Visa card.

Do I have to organise my own flights and hotel?

You will need to book your own international flights. We will organise hotels and transport at origin.

Will I have any spare time?

Once in origin we usually pack as much into the day as possible, so there is limited spare time. You can of course choose to book a later/earlier flight so you have some “tourism days” on your own.

How do I book my spot? 

Reach out to your sales representative for more information or contact our sales support channel at coffee@nordicapproach.no

For extra information, read Tropiq’s blog post!