March 2020:

Join us next Tuesday, March 10, for a discussion of quality, traceability and transparency in Peru, and get a sneak peek at our incoming coffees.

We will be joined by Thibaud Joubert from Eleva Finca, a group based in Jaen, Peru. He will discuss Eleva Finca’s integrated sourcing model, focused on quality, traceability, and sustainability, which includes carbon neutral transportation and a real time reporting platform.

We’ll combine this with a small preview cupping of in-season coffees from Uganda, Kenya, Honduras, (and maybe a few cups of Ethiopia).

Morten Wennersgaard will make ceviche, and we’ll enjoy Peruvian fine chocolate and cocktails, thanks to PROMPERU.
Spaces are limited and RSVP is essential to secure your spot. RSVP on facebook or send us an email.

Tuesday March 10
15.00 – 18.00
Nordic Approach
Tøyengata 29c, 0578 Oslo

April 2020:

  • Spring Cupping, Nordic Approach HQ in Oslo, Norway, April 23-24
  • Join us in Portland for #COFFEEEXPO2020! Portland, OR, USA, April 23-26, cup with us on the 25th

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