Funk is a tasting note which if it isn’t already, will become obvious too you once you start to look for it. It’s a type of ferment similar to what can be found in biodynamic wine or over-ripe fruit. We think it comes from bacteria fermenting sugar during the drying process. It’s most likely to occur in natural coffees, but can also occur for any other processed coffees. We have a few fully washed coffees that also taste funky. The funk can be everything from clean, clear coffees to super crazy wild ones. Some of the staff here at Nordic Approach absolutely love funk, whilst others (Alec), is not a fan. But there is a clear trend for funky coffees to win competitions. They certainly tend to stand out.

white = SPOT / in stock coffees at our warehouse in the UK
blue = Afloat coffees (on a container ship heading for the UK)
purple = Incoming coffees still at origin (waiting to be shipped)
yellow = Special offers/sales