Tropiq Ethiopia

Quality manager and cupper – Tropiq Ethiopia/Nordic Approach

We are looking for a quality manager permanently stationed in our office in Addis Abeba – Ethiopia

Nordic Approach is a sourcing company focusing solely on spot sales of high quality green coffees. We do the groundwork to identify, improve, select, and import the best coffees from the most interesting origins. Every coffee we buy or forward to a client is selected based on the cup profile. We believe a transparent supply chain is the only way to achieve a sustainable quality coffee production.

Tropiq is a company branched out of Nordic Approach to further develop all our origin activities. We will invest in origin and focus on sourcing only. Through this we will be able to structure the supply for Nordic Approach, as well as sell coffee directly to clients in need of bigger volumes. In some places we will have our own offices and ground staff, like TROPIQ-ETHIOPIA with office in Addis Abeba.

General responsibilities

The person will mainly work out of our office and lab in Addis Abeba being responsible for managing the cupping lab and staff, systems and structure related to quality control and all our procurement from Ethiopia. Other related tasks will be to do extensive travelling to coffee producing regions to follow up farmers, producers and exporters. Manage samples in and out and some customer relations when we have visitors. A good amount of domestic travel will be required.


  • Higher education, minimum bachelor degree (preferably agronomy)
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience of systematic cupping of specialty coffee
  • Experienced in staff management
  • Language: Advanced English written and spoken & Amharic
  • Technical skills: Advanced Excel & word

The person have to be very systematic and practical with good management skills. Must have a basic insight and a good understanding of both the global market for specialty coffee as well as coffee growing and processing. Some experience as a manager on a medium level is required.  Should also have basic knowledge of budgeting and accounting as well as being interested in sales and marketing.

Your work will consist of:

In season, post harvest

  • Main responsibility is cupping and quality control.
  • Manage sample roasting
  • Manage all other practical tasks and systems in the lab
  • Manage staff and motivate them for good performance
  • Producer/exporter relations
  • Draw stock lot samples from warehouses
  • Manage and oversee hulling, grading, bagging and labelling of coffee samples
  • Sending samples to clients with DHL, Fedex etc
  • Manage inventory, processing and pipeline for outgoing coffees
  • Trace ability sheets, marketing material and coffee/producer info on all coffees
  • Manage quality control and sample management systems in cropster, excel etc
  • Maintain social media and origin updates
  • Develop/manage sample tracking systems

During harvest

  • Overview of what is coming in of cherries etc at washing stations.
  • Contact and updated information from producers.
  • Forecast of volumes and availability across different producers
  • Building trust and a strong relation towards our main suppliers and exporters
  • Documentation, trace ability and producer information in database
  • Fact sheet and marketing material from all producers we buy from
  • Create picture database etc for marketing
  • Trace ability info if from site and the individual coffees
  • Product development and support on farmer level – Be engaged in and potentially structure agronomy training, special preparation of coffee and so on.
  • Find and develop new farmer/producer projects.
  • Management and reporting on potential future funded projects
  • Sales and client (roaster) relations for larger clients.
  • Understand and follow up purchasing budgets etc
  • General reporting and updates to HQ

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