We travel to each origin several times a year and we love traveling with our customers. The benefits of going on an origin trip are many.

On a farm visit oriented trip you will learn about the value chain, meet producers and have the opportunity to build lasting relationships. For those already buying from this origin, you get to see where your money goes and meet the farmers or washing station teams who produce your coffee. There will be more time to get to know people, and time to take photos for your marketing material.

On a cupping trip you’ll be a part of our purchasing process. This means getting the first choice of coffees, plus you can save a lot of money by committing to buying your early selections.

Many trips are a mix of farm visits and cupping.

Is this trip for me?

Our origin trips are for coffee professionals with green coffee purchasing responsibilities. You can escape the office/roastery and enjoy some spectacular scenery, however these trips are not holidays. You will work hard, and you are expected to behave as a professional at all times.

Comfort and security

Our coffee origins are all developing world countries with different standards of safety, varying degrees of infrastructure and diverse cultural norms. If you are concerned about your comfort or security on these trips, please reach out to our head buyer, Joanne. We will do everything we can to facilitate safe and relaxed travels.

Planned trips:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

This varies. You have to pay for your own flights, hotel, transport and food. Costs can vary from origin to origin, and whether we are staying in a city or rural area. Hotels in cities are about $100-$150 USD per person per night, and in rural areas expect to pay between $60-$80 USD. Transport is about USD 150 per day, which is split between everyone travelling, so this will depend on how many people are on the trip. Food is about $30-$50 USD per day.

Do I have to organise my own flights and hotel?

You will need to book your own international flights. We will organise hotels and transport in origin.

Will I have any spare time?

Once in origin we usually pack as much into the day as possible, so there is limited spare time. You can of course choose to book a later flight home so you have some “tourism days” on your own.

Practical info

You have to organise your own flights, visa, travel insurance and vaccines. We will organise hotels and transport at origin. We recommend bringing USD cash and Visa card.

What do you pack when you go on an origin trip?

Check out our full blogpost on what to pack for an origin trip