Upcoming trips

Ethiopia coffee sorting


Ethiopia – 20th to 26th November 2017

Ethiopia – 11th to 17th of December 2017

These trips will be based on in-the-field visits to Cooperatives and or farms, some dry mills to understand full spectrum of processing. But there will be little, if any cupping, as coffees not ready at this time. For more info email joanne@nordicapproach.no.

Central America – combo tour

If you haven’t already heard, we are launching our first Origin Approach conference this February in Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

We decided to build a Central America Trail around our Origin Approach event, for our clients or those seriously considering working with us, to hop on or off anytime.  Whether you are looking to cup coffees at origin, meet our producers and visit their family farms – any of these trips are for you.  Here is the timeline:

February 6th – 10th – El Salvador 
February 11th – 14th – ‘Origin Approach’ in Costa Rica
February 14th – 17th – Additional sourcing days in Costa Rica
February 18th – 21st – Honduras

Planned trips

Harvest varies from year to year and we will update with more specific dates when we have them.

jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
Ethiopia Ethiopia Rwanda Colombia Colombia Ethiopia 20-26th Ethiopia 11-17th
Kenya Kenya Burundi Tanzania Brazil Kenya Kenya
El Salvador 6th-10th El Salvador Colombia
Costa Rica 11th-17th Costa Rica

We travel to each origin several times per year. In most of the cases we can take people with us. Above is a calendar with rough times of when we go there, the exact dates will depend on the harvest which varies slightly from year to year. When we know the exact dates of a trip we will post it in Upcoming trips above. Please note that when we go on these trips we are working, it is not a holiday.

The benefits of going on an origin trip are many, and varies depending on the type of trip (cupping or not). You will learn about different aspects of the coffee supply chain, and start building relationships with different producers. You get to see where your money goes and meet the farms or washing stations your coffee comes from. On a cupping trip you’ll be a part of our purchasing process, and of course get to taste all the coffees we end up buying before everyone else. These trips are reserved for people with purchasing power at their company. On a non-cupping trip there will be more time to visit farms/washing stations/micro mills, getting to know people and taking photos for marketing purposes of your coffee. We will prioritise current customers who want to come on these trips. If you’re not a roaster or green buyer these trips are not for you, but you may be interested in Origin Approach.

Practical info

You have to organize your own flights, visa, travel insurance and vaccines. We will organize hotels and travel at origin. We recommend bringing USD cash and Visa card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

This varies. You have to pay for your own flights, hotel, transport and food. This varies a bit from origin to origin, and whether we are staying in a city or rural area. Hotels in cities are about USD 100-150 per person per day, 60-80 if in a rural area. Transport is about USD 150 per day, split between everyone, so this will depend on how many who comes on the trip. Food is about USD 30-50 per day.

Do I have to organise my own flights and hotel?

You have to book your own flights, but we take care of hotels and transport in origin.

Will there be any spare time?

Once in origin we will organize the full day with activities, as such there is no spare time. You can of course choose to book a later flight home for “tourism days” on your own.