We always selectively source coffees based on the flavor profiles we like. All coffees are selected based on cup quality and uniqueness according to origin, varietal, and processing method.


We systematically lay groundwork in origin to find and source great coffees. We are visiting our suppliers several times a year during harvest to develop products and post harvest to cup and take purchasing decisions.


We work to develop the most in-depth knowledge on processing and infrastructure to optimize quality, streamline logistics, and reduce risk. Every country is different and we strive to add value by fully understanding the complexity and local challenges to be the preferred sourcing partner for our producers and clients.


We are always increasing quality control on coffee processing at origin in partnership with our producers. By mutual commitment with the producers and growers we can experiment and develop different ranges of products. We support initiatives towards social and environmental responsibility. By working long-term when we see quality potential we are able to develop better consistency.


Lot separation and full traceability on the coffees we offer. We have the traceability on every batch through the supply chain from the farmer or producers to the warehouse, dry milling and shipping.


We follow up in origin for proper milling, grading, sorting, bagging and warehousing prior to shipment. Not all dry-mills will be suitable for our product range. Working in close relations with the exporters and/or dry-millers we apply strict criteria to maintain quality and the full potential off the coffee.


In Rwanda, we are managing quality on a farm and communal washing station where we are shareholders. In Colombia, one of our co-founders Tim Wendelboe has a farm. This will give us unique opportunities to experiment on agricultural practices and processing, and to share our knowledge with all the other producers we work with worldwide.