As you probably already know, we have moved our main warehouse to Belgium. But we still have a bunch of coffees in the old UK warehouse, that we want to get out of there. We have therefore reduced the price of coffees in the UK warehouse significantly, look for the pink coloured coffees on the offer list (minimum order 1 bag).

Free freight (terms and conditions apply)

For the remainder of April we’re offering FREE FREIGHT if you order 1200 kilos or more from the UK warehouse, to any destination excluding Russia and Turkey. Please note this is only free shipping (road transport/sea freight), you will need to pay for documents and certificates (if any) and process the customs clearance yourself. Payment must be received on or before Tuesday April 30th 2019. 30 days credit term does not apply.

All sales orders are final. Email the to order.

List of coffees on sale is here, or view our full range

We also have some coffees from before 2016 that can be purchased for 2 USD/kilo. These can be good for seasoning a new roaster, test roasting etc. Email the to order.