Specialty Coffee Sourcing at Scale

Direct from Origin to Your Roastery

What is TROPIQ?

Tropiq is a product line under Nordic Approach, focused on direct FOB and back-to-back specialty coffee sales of full container loads.

We source unique, high-quality coffees from intriguing origins, specialising in 87+ traceable lots, distinct flavour profiles, and various processing methods. Our production and export partners also provide characteristic, value-added 84+ coffees at competitive prices.


Globally Sourced, Locally Impactful

With origins spanning across the coffee belt, our direct relationships with farmers and producers in over six countries ensure access to the best coffees while supporting sustainable practices at origin.


Serving a diverse specialty coffee community

Tropiq is the go-to choice for medium to large specialty roasters seeking 100+ bags of full container loads (FCLs). We specialise in sourcing and procurement, focusing on all the groundwork at origin, shipping directly to your port of destination under FOB terms.

Whether you need a standout microlot, a dependable filter coffee, or an espresso workhorse (or all three), we’ve got you covered.

Many growing specialty roasters have the desire to plan 50 or 100+ bags of high-quality coffees, but need to draw it down over a six-month period. This is where forward booking comes in. Forward booking allows you to plan these coffees—sourced directly and specifically for you—earlier, and have them shipped to our main warehouse (with financing and warehousing included for up to six months).


With customers

Direct, transparent, and sustainable coffee sourcing at scale.